Cry Wolf / Extortion Business Model Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I have to agree with other reviewers that the whole WOT thing is just a false promise, because there are no experts behind the rating - just a bunch of random, trigger-happy, self-appointed "reputation cop" giving subjective opinions. It is the blind crowd leading the blind crowd.

IMO, as long as a website has no virus and other bad stuff (which can be prevented by other add-on's), I don't need to be told whether a website is "safe for browsing" or not. I will just spend 10 seconds on a site and make my own call, instead of being steered around by some anonymous guys.

Just Google around, you can find freelancers who are paid to vote up your WOT scores! Are you sure these scores are not from some guys in India, working through a US-based proxy server? Or they are not from companies who are eager to hurt their competitors?

It is so annoying to see those "warning!" overlays on my screen, interrupting my normal browsing experience. It would be more tolerable if it just shows an unobtrusive flag on the toolbar, instead of this whole splash warning, as if your house is on fire. A gentle orange flag would be much preferred to that big red sign.

Besides, this is just an extortion business model like Yelp, which is hurting the reputation of small businesses and then turns around to sell them some services for a few hundred bucks a month. Yeah, the mafia protection fee business model.

I won’t be surprised if WOT is besieged by lawsuits and bled to death financially. Nice try, though.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120515.1-signed). 

Our reputations tell you how much people trust websites. Sites that are technically safe to visit may still scams, for example. If you feel your website has been rated unfairly, here's what you can do:

Note that our reputation system is very resistant to manipulation and buying or spamming ratings doesn't work. You can read more from our wiki FAQ:

If you would rather not be warned about a website, you can simply rate it good yourself or configure the add-on to disable warnings altogether:

Finally, we don't sell site owners any services that would affect their reputations. Users determine the reputations, not us or the site owners. Our service is also perfectly legal and we are heavily insured against frivolous lawsuits. We wouldn't have been around for over half a decade otherwise.