Best Addon of it's Kind (in my opinion) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Most simple,Easy to use, and widely used addon for web ratings that I could find. If I remember correct it started out as a Google Chrome only Add-On But then it was so popular they added Versions for other browsers as well! Really shows how many people use it and it even goes as far as to block you from the most harmful sites with a warning which can easily be closed should you wish to use the site anyway. Whats more is the system for ratings is thorough and easy to understand so unlike some such things you can add you own ratings quickly and without hassle! Finally based on some less happy comments I saw, I just want to say yes, there ARE some false ratings but, they are few and far between. Those that do exist are usually for sites which can easily be identified as less than trustworthy, and those that are not that obvious will reveal themselves if you simply read the associated coments on the site's scorecard. You will likely see some obviously untrustworthy comments to go with the rating but if you look you will also likely find plenty of red warning comments as well. So overall it actually is my favorite addon and (on Google Chrome) usually my ONLY permanent addon.

Good Example of a false scorecard that can easily be identified is for the website WathcCartoonOnline.
( I'd post a link to the scorecard but it looks like that is most likely against review rules though oddly it does not say specifically whether links to safe sites are allowed, but figured id play safe as this review does no good if removed. 8P )

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120515.1-signed).