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WOT is giving their members a mass tool for downvoting hundreds of websites instantly. Surfers who use WOT are seeing red and yellow for many legitimate websites who were downvoted by the WOT community of losers. The real people are scared of those red and yellow circles so they do not visit such websites to rate them positively. WOT staff is even endorsing such behavior by giving shiny badges to those idiots providing them a false sense of importance and achievement.

Then WOT staff sells "trust seals" images for hundreds of dollars to websites that want to clean up the reputation that was "ruined" by WOT community idiots in the first place. And WOT staff can always say, it's not them, it's the "people".

I like this review. Cold hard truth that needs to be heard about this addon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120515.1-signed). 

Our most active users have no more influence in the reputations than the less active users. You can read more here:


We only sell trust seals to sites that have already earned a good reputation. If your site has a poor reputation, you cannot buy one. You can read more here:


If this outburst is caused by your websites reputation, here's what you can do:


Unfortunately, if our users do not find your site trustworthy, there's nothing we can do to help.