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MyWOT is useless because it is easy to manipulate (just look in google how often this happens...). For example by anger ratings or because of people that even havent enough knowledge to rate it (for example security).

MyWOT gets dangerous too, because there are some people that trust to much in this user ratings. If for example somebody does an anger rate or a competitor rates down other sites, some people start to fear this sites without any real reason.

Then there are many ratings that were made out of sympathy and not because of real facts. For example it is widely proven that Facebook has one of the worst privacy of all sites out there, but here it still has good ratings?

All in all myWOT is just useless.

If you really want to improve your security, then use NoScript: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/noscript/?src=search (the best which can be done for security).
WOT ist just a placebo.

Reply to first comment of the developer:
So I have to manipulate ratings I dislike, because I can do it? Is this really your advice, that everything that can be done is good? Is this how you act? A Browser plugin can do very much, I really dont want to know what you have done in this browser plugin only because you can do it...

Yes, most people trust or like facebook, but most people dont even care about privacy, too! This shows pretty good why myWOT is useless, it is just a like or dislike platform and not anything that gives you usefull informations about privacy, security and such things...

And of course is the rating system resistant because a computer software is intelligent enough to find out manipulations, like a virus killer is always able to find out viruses and a firewall blocks all evil. Good joke...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20111107). 

As I explained to you on our website already, the reputations are not easy to manipulate, or you probably would have manipulated them to your liking instead of complaining. You can read here why exactly the rating system is resistant to manipulation:

What comes to Facebook, the site has a good reputation because people consider it trustworthy. You may feel it's not, but sometimes other people simply don't agree with you. The fact that Facebook has 700M users also suggests that people don't think it's entirely bad.