I agree with the "CRAP SHOOT" review Rated 1 out of 5 stars

the average surfer probably knows little about malware, yet this tool allows anyone to flag a website as "untrusted". it is very much like the nuts running the asylum, as another reviewer wrote.

when perfectly ethical and safe websites get flagged, as many inevitably will/are, the WOT developers reply is to post on their forum to dispute the erroneous rating. are they JOKING! should a web developer have to waste their time disputing a bogus flag as a result of a non-technical user, who may have flagged their site for any number of reasons, none having to do with safety/privacy/malware? and which may not be resolved in the developers favor anyway?

i love the idea of community driven services, but a) the community needs to be knowledgeable and b) WOT is a private company who is harvesting data which they then sell ("A diverse group of companies use WOT’s crowdsourced data to enhance, improve and protect their users’ experience."), so WOT, at its core, has little to do with the community, which serve only as robots harvesting data for them, and everything to do with marketing.

as far as "trust", let's have a look at their privacy policy...

WOT will not disclose any user-originated personal information to any third parties or to any affiliate companies, cooperation partners or other similar entities without an explicit consent from you, with the exception of the Trust Tool services that include a third party service in which case WOT may disclose the required information to its cooperation partners to the extend necessary to provide the service.

Specifically for the WOT Safe Search, API calls may be sent to Surf Canyon (see their privacy policy for details) to determine if there are any refinements for your query. This information is never recorded or logged.

a 3rd party "Trust Tool" service? wonder what that is? wonder what the privacy policy is for this "service"? same for "SurfCanyon"and Google and whatever other services they may leverage

However, WOT may, in good faith, disclose and use personal information if reasonably necessary to [...] v) to conclude a merger, acquisition, or any form of sale of some or all of its assets.

so WOT is "endeavored to protect the privacy of our users" ... right up until the time they are acquired by some larger company (which is what their goal appears to be) who, of course, will also have at the top of their "privacy" policy: "endeavored to protect the privacy of our users".

i think many people using this addon as a tool to filter malicious websites are being grossly misled - despite their claims, i don't think WOT is concerned with malware (how can they be if they allow any non-techinical user to rate a websites) nearly as much as with harvesting user data and selling that data and other services to other companies, yet their advertising could easily lead one to conclude otherwise: "The WOT add-on shows you which websites you can trust based on millions of users' experiences." - users which, largely, have little technical knowledge and whose rating is then trusted by others.

their actual goal may be more sinister actually...

WOT is partnering with StopTheHacker.com to offer security services to websites with good or excellent reputations via the WOT Trust Seal Pro. The WOT Trust Seal Pro is a breakthrough website indicator that displays the reputation of online assets and ensures the security of websites. It is an effective tool for website owners to communicate their trustworthiness while assuring the technical security of their site. Daily malware scans of the website and 24x7x365 alerts ensure that any hacking incident is detected before it has a chance to affect the reputation of the website.

so... you create a company to harvest data which you sell to other companies - none of which give a hoot about privacy - then you partner with "StopTheHacker.com" to sell products to companies to prevent them from being flagged by WOT. does this sound like an ethical business model?

i don't know who "stopthehacker.com" is, but it looks like they might want to focus on their own problems before selling their services to others...


i see WOT and its related services as yet another stab in the back to the little guy who doesn't have the time nor inclination to dispute bogus ratings and can't afford to "protect" their website by paying for these services, without which their reputation may suffer, especially if garbage like this becomes the norm.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20110704.1-signed). 

1. Our service isn't a malware scanner, it tells you how much people trust websites, and they are the only ones qualified to tell you that. You can read more here: http://www.mywot.com/wiki/FAQ#Users_aren.27t_qualified_to_rate_sites

2. If you are a site owner, there may be absolutely nothing you can do to improve your reputation. However, if you think your site has been rated unfairly, you can choose to request reviews on our website. Note that this doesn't guarantee that people will suddenly trust your site, only that more people will review the site.

3. The Trust Tool part in the privacy policy refers to our trust seals, which may include services from other companies. This has nothing to do with the add-on. You can find links to the relevant third party privacy policies here: http://www.mywot.com/en/privacy/privacy_policy

4. We don't harvest data about our users and consequently don't sell it to other companies as you appear to be implying. You can read more from the FAQ again: http://www.mywot.com/wiki/FAQ#The_add-on_is_spyware_or_adware

5. We love conspiracy theories as much as the next guy, but you cannot buy a service that would prevent your site from being rated poorly. Your site's reputation is always based on user ratings. However, if you are a site owner who is concerned about technical security, StopTheHacker's scanning service will alert you if your site has been compromised or appears on a third-party blacklist. Once again, buying a trust seal or the scanning service has no effect on your site's reputation: http://www.mywot.com/wiki/FAQ#Selling_trust_seals_means_reputations_can_be_bought