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  • Thanks for being here for my computer
    Thank you! We're glad we could keep you safe online!
  • Мне всегда помогает это приложение , благодарю за сотрудничество.
  • Eats lots of RAM
    We wanted to update you that we improved significantly WOT's speed on Firefox!
    Please make sure to update to the most recent version. if yes, please connect us direct via support@mywot.com
  • Great add-on :) I use it for a while already on my PC and it helps me a lot with safe browsing. I've also started to use the Android Web of Trust App.
    Thank you! Stay safe with WOT!
  • This appears to have been written by soccer moms, and helicopter parents. If you are an adult and like to watch adult content (war news, content that is greater than Y-7, you will remove it almost as soon as you install it. It blocks sites without giving you the chance to investigate whether the site simply violates very liberal values or is actually dangerous, not whether the site has spywear, trackers, etc. Even blocks cartoons for "violence."
  • Không còn tốt như trước, hiện tại addon Avast Online Security là tốt nhất với nhiệm vụ này
  • I love Web Of Trust! When searching for Web sites, I always check the ratings. I am glad that this is available to Help people steer clear of shady and bad Web sites! I think it is a must to use this.
  • 5 stars!
    So grateful for wot's website ratings and warnings . WOT is my preferred online guide, because it uses the wellknown traffic light safety colors system icons next to links and atop the page of each website.
    I adjusted my settings to always show warnings, parental controls to be on, and have it set to block poorly rated sites.
    I rely on wot's guidance, because it doesn't take away my decisions or limit my options. Wot shows me my options plainly, and offers
    real-time relief from most of my
    Internet-insecureties.. So I can be sure I'm heading to only the safest websites; anytime I decide to click on a link with a Green wot webutation icon showing next to it. Thank you WOT Peoples!
    Thank you so much for your review! We're glad we could keep you safe online! Stay in touch with us via FB: https://www.facebook.com/weboftrust/
  • Complemento de segurança necessário, as vacinas do antivírus são as pessoas.
    Thank you for your feedback! We also have an app http://bit.ly/wot-mobileapp
  • Collect your data for cash! So, You, are the product!