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  • This is legit an amazing add-on to the browser. This is actually perfect. Looks kinda retro which I am not sure if I like it or not but overall I dig it. I mean somedays I love the skin because it looks like a player from a decade ago (remember winamp and real-player?) and on other days I wish it had a more cleaner UI, something neat, something with material UI. But that's probably my OCD playing games with my mind. All it needs is a sleep-timer and this will be better than perfect.
  • Good add-on, but is it possible add a popup with current song?
  • This is my favorite app. I often leave it on all day long. There are many great radio stations out there. I haven't even scratched the surface of what is available. The number of stations available is staggering. Hint: check out Brain radio in Germany. Great.
  • It's a great addition to my listening experience and will help me in my practice of languages I have been missing
  • leider geht der addon nicht zu streamen kein ton, alles habe ich an nur bricht er ab, schade
  • It is very good. One problem, I always have to click twice to get it to open. When I first click I get a small white empty "label" (where the loading bar is supposed to appear) and then I click somewhere else to make the empty "label" go away and then click again and it works. I wonder why it does that.

    EDIT: After restarting FF, it seems to have fixed it. So you can discard the "bug report" and just keep the 5 stars :)
  • Can't Add owen Station like https://hirschmilch.de/chillout/listen.pls
  • Thousands of radio stations on one click directly in firefox. Do not stop rock & roll!
  • Hello, I have noticed that there are Hong Kong and Taiwan in the Asian classification countries. I will tell you that Hong Kong and Taiwan are Chinese. I hope to fix this error in the next edition update. You may be classified according to the language. I hope you have a deep understanding of this error.Keep in mind that Hong Kong and Taiwan are always Chinese.
  • I want to like it, but I had two problems that caused me to uninstall it. One, selecting a station by scrolling through the list was practically impossible: I could scroll down just fine, but as soon as my mouse moved over to select one, the stations would scroll all the way back to the top. I guess you're supposed to type in a keyword, so the list is shorter, but it should be possible to scroll through a long list if you want to.

    Second, how do you turn it off? I wanted to listen to something else in Firefox for a few minutes, but if there's a control to pause or stop Worldwide Radio, I couldn't find it. (Ok, I guess it's streaming, so you can't pause it, but there ought to be an obvious way to silence it without silencing everything else.)
  • can you add Saudi Arabia (Qur'an radio) اذاعة القرآن
    yes, please wait future versions
  • Дуже зручний додаток! Дякую!
  • Radio 1 radio1.cz ... Thank you