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Privacy Policy

Der Mundo Translation Network Privacy Policy
Updated Feb 25th, 2011

Der Mundo is the worldwide web, translated by people. The Der Mundo social translation add on enables you to crowd translate any web page, using the best available machine, community and professional translations. In order to translate effectively, the translation tool needs to communicate with several language services. The translation tool operates as follows.

It does NOT communicate with third party translation services when:

* Translation is not required or requested (you are viewing a page that is one of your primary languages)
* You are in private browsing mode
* You are connected to a server whose domain includes the phrases "mail", "bank" or other blocked words (full list is at

When translation is needed or requested AND you are NOT in private mode or connected to a blocked domain, the addon communicates with services as follows:

* It will communicate directly with machine translation engines to request translations for texts within the current page (if machine translation is enabled)
* It will query Der Mundo (also Worldwide Lexicon) translation memory for a list of human edited translations associated with the current page and requested language
* It will send basic analytics data to Google Analytics (we only do this if you are actively translating a page, and only collect basic stats such as IP, browser type, your language, etc). We do this to track overall usage.

When you actively edit translations for a page AND you have enabled Facebook link sharing, it will automatically post a message to your Facebook feed that says "I have started translating a page on Der Mundo [link]. Help me translate this to the languages you speak." You can disable this feature if you do not want to share translation links with social networks. We do this to encourage people to follow links to contribute additional translations to newly created links and projects.

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