7 reviews for this add-on
  • Replacement of the page translation service in chrome and in operation.
    Practically opens the google translator with the page in question.

    Sostituto del servizio di traduzione pagina presente in chrome e in opera.
    Apre praticamente il traduttore google con la pagina in questione.

  • Неожиданно хороший перевод сайта-документации с английского на русский.
    Но мешает всплывающие анотации, при нахождении курсора на тексте.

  • Does not translate any pages. It says it has, but it has not.

  • Every single website I go to any non english website and click the button it lies and says that it already is in english.

  • it is a very useful add on.Helps people understand and use the websites in a better manner since it is localized

  • It helps for better understanding of every web page for the people who don't know other languages.

  • This add on is very useful since it helps every one understand every web page .Its a recommended addon .Its helps localizing every web page.