Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It works brilliantly, without slowing down my google search results as I feared it wold. I love that it brilliantly waits for google to finish loading before loading Wolfram separately. This saves SO much time for me so I don't have to go to Wolfram Alpha separately, and google is my default search engine. I have a HUGE monitor, so usually the google pages are blank on the right side (adblock) and now theres something to make the pages seem less blank and a bit more perfect. I think the scrollbar should be enabled by default though, and I shouldn't have to scroll down the page to see other content, and it should be a bit more optimized for people with larger resolution screens such as 1680x1050 because there is a ton of space to the left side which could be utilized. Other than that, Brilliant! I noticed you replied to many of the reviews, which lets me know you're a serious developer which cares about the feedback. That earns my respect.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8). 

Thanks GamefreQ for taking the time to write a review. I think it's hard for everyone to move away from Google even when we know the results for some types of searches might be better on other engines. This way we don't have to change our default and the other engine comes to us ;-). I've just released a new version (currently being reviewed but should be out in the next week) that adds an option to always show the scrollbar. I set the default to off for the moment so if you want to use this feature you'll need to go to Tools-->Add-ons-->Wolfram Alpha Google and click Options. I still haven't figured out a nice way to support extra large monitors. I think what I'll do is to add an option so that you can add xxx pixels padding to the right of the Wolfram results. Not ideal but it would solve the problem.