Fantastic!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on is just what I needed! Up until now it had always been a real pain having to swap between the two search engines and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this. It is evident that the developer is putting a lot of work into this add-on and for that I think he deserves every credit that comes his way.

My one (and only gripe), is that when I search something in google and the two results come up, there is about 5cm of blank white screen to the right of the wolfram results box. Because of this, the screen feels quite squashed and off centre. This might be just me or it might be a problem that many users have. If this could be sorted or if anyone knows of a way to sort this then that would be great!!

I have one suggestion regarding the 'show scrollbar' button at the bottom of the wolfram box. To me, this seems a bit irrelevant as I always need to scroll down. Perhaps in a future update it might be worth simply automatically having the scrollbar there or having an option to have it on or off under an options tab somewhere.

To summarise - I would thoroughly recommend this add-on and a huge thank you to the developer for creating it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8). 

New Version

Thanks Ashley for the great feedback. I've just uploaded a new version (0.9 - should be through review in the next week) that should fix the white space problem. Google had changed the page layout to move the ads closer to the regular results which messed up the positioning. Please let me know if you still see the problem on the new version. Regarding the scrollbar, I've added an option in the new version (0.9) to always show the scrollbar. It's defaulted to off for the moment so you'll need to go to the Wolfram Alpha Google Options screen (Tools-->Add-ons) to change this.