Just needs a few trimmings to make it perfect Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The extension does what it says on the tin. In future releases I'd like it to be much more like googlepedia meaning the results are full page length without needing to scroll. The status bar icon would be helpful if it was optional with a simple option in the options of the addon to turn it off and on. Also, when I installed the addon it seemed to shrink my status bar icons to a smaller size and now I don't know how to revert them back to normal size (I'm guessing this may be a bug or be caused by the icon supplied between too small).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6). 

Feature suggestions

Hi Michael. Thanks for your feedback. I've tried a few different ways to get the full page to show (like Googlepedia) but haven't figured this one out yet. I agree that this would improve the add-on a lot. The optional status bar icon is a good idea. I'll add this one in the next version. I'm not sure what's happening with the smaller status bar icons. Do you have a screenshot? Status bar icons are normally 16x16px (same as the Wolfram Alpha icon) and you can't change the size like in the toolbar so I'm not sure how this could happen. Any other information that you could give about this would be a big help.