Great, but buggy! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Great idea to connect Google with Wolfram ;-) I know that this is only beta version of this extensions so we couldn't expect that it will work for 100%. Look into the screenshot [1] and [2]. I have LinkExtend which gave me thumbnails and additional site info like those icons on the right. Also I have Xmarks which adds big blue icon with additional info about sites. Long titles and descriptions from Google search result are quite well "wrapped". But Xmarks icon is floating over Wolfram search result. Also look on the bottom of Wolfram result. It is cut. Noticed that on the right of Wolfram result there is over 100px of unused space. Can You float Wolfram to the right? I was inspecting this with Firebug but haven't found any margin/padding to the right side, so I can't help... On [2] photo there is combination WAG with Googlepedia extension. WAG result sometimes are above and sometimes below Wiki result, but always WAG is "stretching" Google result.

BTW: If I could suggest something, I would like to have a different behavior of statusbar icon. Let's say that I would be able to disable automatically added Wolfram search result. Instead WAG extension will check query in the background and change icon from statusbar. If anything will be found, I just press this icon and Wolfram search will show on my demand.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4). 

XMarks, LinkExtend and Googlepedia

Hi Kietna. Thanks for the great feedback and posting those screenshots. There's so many extensions that work with Google that it can be difficult to fit them all in. In Version 0.5 I added support for Googlepedia. There is a new button so you can easily switch between WAG and Googlepedia. This version also has a feature similar to what you suggested for the status bar icon. Instead of the status bar though it uses the buttons at the top. So if you click on "Original" it will hide Wolfram and next time you do a search it will load in the background. Please try this and let me know what you think.
For the space on the right I'll look into it and try and compact it a bit. That should fix a few of these kinds of problems. For XMarks that will be the major fix in the next version early next week. And then I'll see what I can do about LinkExtend. If you know a bit of Javascript please feel free to look at the source code: Patches are welcome! :-)
UPDATE: In Version 0.6 the Wolfram frame has been moved to the right and it now works better with the XMarks extension (ex. the popup will appear on top of the Wolfram frame). On small screens the XMarks icons will still hover over the Wolfram frame. To fix this there is a new option (Go Tools menu-->Add-Ons-->Wolfram Alpha Google-->Options and check "Adjust XMarks icons for small screens") that will move the icons above each search result when the Wolfram frame is showing. LinkExtend should fit OK now as well.