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nice addon, you should add a button to remove the frame and a way to determine if it is returning nothing relevant then to not display the wolfram part. still i love the idea and for a initial build this is awesome. great work.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1). 

Thanks for the nice comment Midkniht.

I just released Version 0.2 with a button in the status bar to disable the extension. Does this cover your idea to remove the frame or did you have something else in mind? I\'m still thinking how to handle when Wolfram doesn\'t have a result. I think it\'s still useful to show in some way that there wasn\'t any result. Appreciate any ideas on this. This will be added into Version 0.3.
UPDATE: Version 0.3 has been released and it has a button to hide the frame and also checks the Wolfram result and doesn't display it if there is not any content.