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  • not working.

  • does not work.
    Using iGoogle and FF13

  • Does not work with the current Google and Firefox 11. Wolfram frames simply absent.

  • Doesn't work.

  • If you add duckduckgo.com as a default search engine, you can change the search to a wolfram|alpha search or calculation, by typing: "!wa input" in your duckduckgo search box.

  • I'm really glad this was updated. The old version was perfect, but this new version is very useful as well, and it's as good as it's gonna get. Though it's kind of funny that so soon after this was updated, Google Instant came out and now with W|A Google, you can't see the # of results. Not a big deal, though.

    Developer response

    Thanks for leaving feedback. It's actually hard to find room on Google's page now as everything moves around so much now especially with Google Instant as you mentioned. I'll experiment a bit more with where to place the buttons so they don't block. Also, I've also just made it compatible with Firefox 4.0 so the early adopters can still use it.

  • As others are saying, it *was* a great add-on, but now it just doesn't work.

    Developer response

    Hi Danthman,
    Thanks for the feedback and apologies to everyone for the delay in getting this fixed.
    Please leave more feedback once you've tried the latest version.

  • I absolutely LOVED this add on. I was going to donate money I enjoyed and used it so much. Please fix and I'll donate $10!!

    Developer response

    Hi Michael!
    Thanks for kind words. I won't hold you to your offer ;-) but please try out the new version and let me know what you think.
    I had to modify the functionality a bit to make it work with the new Google layout.
    Hope you still like it!

  • I just noticed it no longer comes up on google searches - looks like google stole the space you were using. That of course makes this add on no longer functional. Is there a fix in the works? I used to really like this one! Was a five star extension...now it is hard to even rate.

  • I absolutely loved this add-in until Google just deployed their new search results page. PLEASE update this to function with the new pages...it improved my searching experience immensely.

  • Not work in Firefox 3.6.4

    Developer response

    I've released version 1.1 which should work fine. It will get updated automatically in the next week or so.

  • 先收藏着。考虑翻译成中文

    Developer response

    Thanks for the suggestion. I hope to add localizations soon and submit to Babelzilla.

  • Maybe because Google keeps modifying their search pages.

    Nice idea though!

    FF 3.6.3, Vista HP 32

    Developer response

    Thanks for the feedback!
    I've submitted a new version that works with the new Google layout.
    Should be approved soon.

  • One of the best extensions I've seen in a long time. It's a great idea; I don't have to go from site to site. I just works; it does what I expect it to do. Please make one for Google Chrome. For a tutorial on how to make extensions for Google Chrome go to http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/getstarted.html.

    Developer response

    Hi HankyUSA,
    Thanks for the nice comments.
    I've actually just finished converting the addon to a Chrome extension.
    You can download it from here: http://code.google.com/p/wolfram-alpha-google/downloads/list
    Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with the Wolfram Alpha page that causes it to not finish loading in Google Chrome (within the frame on Google). So I am trying to find a workaround but it doesn't look promising. As it is I am reluctant to add it to the Google Chrome Extensions Directory. If anyone has any ideas how to solve this problem then please let me know.

  • I've had this extension installed for months, and while it works as advertised and it's pretty cool, truth is that my Google searches rarely have a Wolfram-Alpha equivalent, so I've only ever seen the W-A results on the right side of the screen a handful of times. But that's not the extension's fault. So I say good job to the author for the idea and to readers of this review who haven't yet installed the extension, it's worth a look, at least, so give it a download and give it a try.

    One minor complaint: Please don't force users to add an icon to their statusbar - provide an option for statusbar icon OR toolbar icon. Thanks.

    Developer response

    Hi RenegadeX,
    Thanks for the feedback. It seems Wolfram Alpha is gradually adding more content but yeah it doesn't have results for a lot of categories and could do with a lot more.

    About the statusbar icon. There's a new version (1.0) available now that adds an option to hide the statusbar icon. You can get it from this page now https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/12006 or wait until it is approved by Mozilla and it will update automatically.

  • On Windows 7 Pro, Firefox 3.5.5 this kills most of my other Browser extensions. I ordinarily run Wordreference Translator, Gtranslate, Addblock Plus and Xmarks. When your Wolfram extension is installed, the context menu for my translate extensions goes blank, and when I try to disable your Wolfram extension, the browser crashes completely requiring a computer restart to restore it.

    On the other hand, the extension is really nice, and integrates pretty smoothly into Google results. I like it, you should just make it play nicer with others.

    Developer response

    Hi Mattolejack,
    Thanks for posting your feedback. I've installed the same addons and I had some issues with Gtranslate (context menu is blank or is connecting to Google) but I got the same errors whether Wolfram Alpha Google was installed or not. So I don't think this is a compatibility issue. I don't have a Windows 7 machine to test this on though (tested on Vista) but I don't think that would be the issue.

    I looked into the Gtranslate code a bit and there are some Javascript errors related to JSON. Perhaps the author could use Firefox's internal JSON parser instead. I also noticed that it works for some languages but then not for others. There are also more global variables than are probably necessary which can often lead to extension conflicts. Perhaps you could submit a bug on that developers website: http://code.google.com/p/gtranslate/issues/list

    If you are still certain that the problem is related to Wolfram Alpha Google please email me and we can go from there.

  • On Windows 7 Pro, Firefox 3.5.5 this kills most of my other Browser extensions. I ordinarily run Wordreference Translator, Gtranslate, Addblock Plus and Xmarks. When your Wolfram extension is installed, the context menu for my translate extensions goes blank, and when I try to disable your Wolfram extension, the browser crashes completely requiring a computer restart to restore it.

    On the other hand, the extension is really nice, and integrates pretty smoothly into Google results. I like it, you should just make it play nicer with others.

  • nice combination!

    Developer response

    Thanks Fotosss!

  • This add-on is just what I needed! Up until now it had always been a real pain having to swap between the two search engines and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this. It is evident that the developer is putting a lot of work into this add-on and for that I think he deserves every credit that comes his way.

    My one (and only gripe), is that when I search something in google and the two results come up, there is about 5cm of blank white screen to the right of the wolfram results box. Because of this, the screen feels quite squashed and off centre. This might be just me or it might be a problem that many users have. If this could be sorted or if anyone knows of a way to sort this then that would be great!!

    I have one suggestion regarding the 'show scrollbar' button at the bottom of the wolfram box. To me, this seems a bit irrelevant as I always need to scroll down. Perhaps in a future update it might be worth simply automatically having the scrollbar there or having an option to have it on or off under an options tab somewhere.

    To summarise - I would thoroughly recommend this add-on and a huge thank you to the developer for creating it.

    Developer response

    Thanks Ashley for the great feedback. I've just uploaded a new version (0.9 - should be through review in the next week) that should fix the white space problem. Google had changed the page layout to move the ads closer to the regular results which messed up the positioning. Please let me know if you still see the problem on the new version. Regarding the scrollbar, I've added an option in the new version (0.9) to always show the scrollbar. It's defaulted to off for the moment so you'll need to go to the Wolfram Alpha Google Options screen (Tools-->Add-ons) to change this.

  • Odd. It seems this stopped working. Perhaps with an automatic update to FF 3.5.2

    I have it on a laptop, and it DID work. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not working.

    Exactly the same with my desktop.

    WXP SP3, latest, blah, blah.

    Developer response

    Hi Elmer, Thanks for posting the review. I've tested it on 3.5.2, 3.5.3, 3.0.13 and it seems to be working fine. I don't have XP though so if anybody else is experiencing the same issue please post a message here or send me an email. One thing that you could check is if the icon in the statusbar is red (or if there is an icon at all). If it is black just click the icon to re-enable. Other than that you could also check the Error console and see if there are any errors showing there when you load a Google page.

  • That's really wonderful! I heard so much about Wolfram Alpha which is huge rival but I don't compare it with Google. Now with this add-on I did! Thanks so much! I think we should add this add-on on default browser! :D

    Developer response

    Great to hear that you liked the add-on. There is no greater praise for an add-on developer than people wanting it in the default browser ;-)

  • Una excelente extension para obtener ademas de los resultados de ggogle muy buena dadta tecnica

    Developer response

    Thanks for the nice review.

  • It works brilliantly, without slowing down my google search results as I feared it wold. I love that it brilliantly waits for google to finish loading before loading Wolfram separately. This saves SO much time for me so I don't have to go to Wolfram Alpha separately, and google is my default search engine. I have a HUGE monitor, so usually the google pages are blank on the right side (adblock) and now theres something to make the pages seem less blank and a bit more perfect. I think the scrollbar should be enabled by default though, and I shouldn't have to scroll down the page to see other content, and it should be a bit more optimized for people with larger resolution screens such as 1680x1050 because there is a ton of space to the left side which could be utilized. Other than that, Brilliant! I noticed you replied to many of the reviews, which lets me know you're a serious developer which cares about the feedback. That earns my respect.

    Developer response

    Thanks GamefreQ for taking the time to write a review. I think it's hard for everyone to move away from Google even when we know the results for some types of searches might be better on other engines. This way we don't have to change our default and the other engine comes to us ;-). I've just released a new version (currently being reviewed but should be out in the next week) that adds an option to always show the scrollbar. I set the default to off for the moment so if you want to use this feature you'll need to go to Tools-->Add-ons-->Wolfram Alpha Google and click Options. I still haven't figured out a nice way to support extra large monitors. I think what I'll do is to add an option so that you can add xxx pixels padding to the right of the Wolfram results. Not ideal but it would solve the problem.

  • Just great! Really makes life easy by rolling both sides of the same coin onto one page. You can almost consider this tool a Super Search Engine.

    Great idea and great implementation, dev!

    Developer response

    Thank you for the encouragement Christian. It's nice to get such positive comments :-)

  • Extension worked quite well until...

    After running a Google search, the results page shows Google results in customary fashion on the left while a throbber works next to the Wolfram|Alpha designation on the right side.

    When the throbber finishes and the Wolfram results are generated, I'm taken to the WolframAlpha page and any trace of Google is gone. The back button is not even available in order to return to the Google page.

    Developer response

    Hi Richard,
    I just noticed the problem as well. It looks like Wolfram Alpha changed their code so that it won't show in a frame. I've released a new version that will disable the add-on until I can find a work-around. It's currently in the review queue but it should be available shortly. You can also disable the add-on by clicking on the Wolfram Alpha icon in the status bar. It's strange that a change like this would happen on a weekend. The Wolfram team must be working overtime ;-)