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  • Installed, then visited https://de.wikipedia.org. Got forwarded to: https://de.m.wikipedia.org. Nice!
    Nothing found to switch wmlbrowser off, so deactivated it.
    Still be forwarded to m.wikipedia.org after deactivation. So removed wmlbrowser again. Rubbish!
    Still be forwarded to m.wikipedia.org after removal. Hellfire!
    Seems to me that wmlbrowser appends ",text/vnd.wap.wml;q=0.6" to value of "network.http.accept.default". After restoring the value to default I could see https://de.wikipedia.org again.
    Maybe the strange behaviour is depending on the wikipedia site, which may ignore the "q"-parameter.
    Hi. Sorry about that. wmlbrowser hasn't been under active development for a long time. I think it used to do this kind of thing better - there used to be a toolbar button to control it too, but maybe it isn't working any more.
  • на версии firefox 31 работает без ошибок, а на firefox 40 постоянно возникает ошибка Problem in wmlbrowser extension processing: TypeError: escaping is undefined
  • "Problem in wmlbrowser extension processing: TypeError: escaping is undefined"- This error occurs when you try to enter a password and username or write a message in the "chat"
  • Installed, but nothing happened. I heard there would be an item under Tools, but actually no one there. I accessed a wap site, but it is not recognized. I am using Simplified Chinese Firefox.The site checked is wap.cmread.com.
  • it's cool, working absolutely fine.
  • Мне очень понравилось дополнение
  • The perfect emulator for wap to meet my needs! Can't fault it at all!
  • Its funny how I thought that I would no longer require this addon once XHTML took over the world... yet here i am, years later, upgrading to yet another laptop... and I am still dependent upon this useful addon for my mobile app development.
  • Nice tool, but multiple choice in a drop down menu (with pressing e.g. CTRL ) does not work. With other browsers (e.g. cellular phone) on the same wml page it works, thus could not be the page. But nevertheless, good tool, thanks programming effort.
  • not work in http://mobile.nokia.mobi/ui/page/EUROPE/EUROPE/en/NonNokia/CATEGORY_SERVICES?_nfpb=true&_nfls=false&cdncc=AR
  • Installed 0.7.24 from the website. Great add-on!
  • Installed 0.7.24 from the website. Great add-on!
  • i like this plug-in
  • great stuff, highly recommended but FF reported not compatible with 3.6 (portable)?
  • I found this add-on isn't open Opera Mini site: http://mini.opera.com
  • Великолепное дополнение!!!

    Благодаря этому дополнению, теперь и пользователи браузера Mozilla Firefox могут без проблем играть в уникальную wap он-лайн игру Обитель Дракона на сайте http://omsknet.info/ , написанную под wml.

    Огромное спасибо разоаботчику этого дополнения!
  • Great add-on, but please add support of forthcoming Firefox 3.5!
  • Great addon that supports most WML pages.

    One thing only: German special characters like ä,ö,ü,ß are not submitted. Maybe this can be fixed in a future version? Would be great!
  • Geat add on thank you for this
  • Yeah, it works!
    Many thanks for the addon!

    Any idea why on some sites links are reflected as buttons? See for ex., http://wap.vkontakte.ru/
  • nice addon really need it .. open wap browser in firefox more easy than ever.. thanks
  • Simply does what it claims. Works fine for most WAP pages.

    Info: Some mobile pages are using wap.domain.tld even they are not WAP/WML pages. They're only HTML pages optimized for mobile devices...

    One improvement: "Small screen rendering" in order to avoid vertical scroll-bars and make them look like more like on a real device.
  • It works just like it claims, so it's ok for me
  • I wanted to browse the BBC site for PDAs (because it should be faster, and I'm using only a GPRS mobile connection). When at –
    – I tried to use the link "video headlines" which tries to go to a .WML page. However, even after installing this add-on I got an error message –
    Warning: this WML page uses a construct 'onevent' with type 'onenterforward' not supported by wmlbrowser
    Warning: this WML page uses a construct 'onevent' with type 'onenterbackward' not supported by wmlbrowser
    – so I have to say that the add-on didn't help me. However, I was impressed with the way the add-on handled the problem.
  • i really liked it
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