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  • Very nice addon.
    For Firefox 4.0 beta you can use Wisestamp 2.0.0beta4

    greetings from Michael
  • Très bon module, très complet.
    Mis à part deux choses:
    1) Il ne gère que deux signatures
    2) Il n'est toujours pas compatible avec TB 3.1 même si on peut lire qu'il est compatible et c'est plus que gênant.
  • I love WiseStamp and have been using it for a long while now. It's easy to integrate and allows me to customize my personal branding per email address. Keep up the good work and many thanks.
  • it does simply and nicely what it's supposed to do, and fills an important missing feature in Gmail
  • Many users have complained about the signature displaying ABOVE replies/forwards in Thunderbird, when using WiseStamp. The developer has posted a note that the Beta Channel of WS resolves this problem. But--the Beta Channel version is incompatible with Thunderbird 3.0.4, the latest version. Any suggestions? I like WS, but it won't work if you have to manually move the sig each time.
  • I love this add-on and use it all the time. I wish though, I could insert the stamp where ever I place my cursor. It always defaults to the top of the email regardless where the cursor is.

    Thanks for a great add-on
  • Nice add-on but buggy while using Thunderbird. No matter where you try to put on the stamp it'l allways put it on top of your mail. Even over written text. With a little trick you'll be able to use local pictures in your stamp too. Hope Wise Stamp will fix upper behavior of their otherwise usefull software soon.
  • Great Addon - I use it to tweak my gmail signatures.
  • really happy you like it.... nice...
  • really happy you like it....
  • This product is great!! I love it.
  • Nice plugin, but I beg you, make an upgrade so we would be allowed to make more than only two signatures!!!
  • Wow, this app is awesome......were really happy you like it....
  • por fin!

    considering the features and power of gmail it's left me yearning for a professional .sig. there's been numerous hacks and work-arounds in the past, but nothing that was simple enough to suite my daily needs... until now.

    this does precisely what it says it does. rich, professional signature in gmail. and the fact it permits toggling between personal or business signatures is just a bonus.
  • this is exactly what i was looking for; absolutly briliant......Excellent tool......
  • Thank you for the addon, its awesome..
  • Muy buen complemento
    Excelente para empresas y particulares
  • Love the ease of use and adding the SN icons, but I am disappointed that this is an A-B option only. I've got 3 sigs and can only pick two.
  • @tonyzilla you can turn it off when you look at settings and than Support and Promote: uncheck Promote WiseStamp Project - Show promotion link

    to bad you gave this rating before checking this superb add on
  • This program did not do what its supposed to do for me.

    The picture that I used from the internet, a small one, never showed up.

    Also, at the bottom of the signature, they post their own sales pitch to get people to get the program. I'm not a salesman for them.

    Dont waste your time with this.
  • Excelent add on could be a good upgrade if you could set more than just two signature.

    thanks for this, I could not never work without it
  • this is exactly what i was looking for; absolutly briliant
  • We are working with both FireFox & Chrome.
    We are working from 4 different computers.
    We are working from 4 different locations.

    Would be nice if there where some “cloud” / on-line version / sync version / of the signature so we could avoid entering the same info 8 times when we are changing and updating our signature.
  • One of the best plugins for gmail - Easy to use and isn't bulky or cluttered. Had one issue with auto-insert, but it was fixed quickly. Create different signatures, add pic, social networks, websites, rss feeds. Just what I'd been wanting for gmail for a few years...
  • Excellent tool