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  • Excellent add-on,

    No need of adding word!
  • This is a very useful tool that I'm using daily without any issue. It works very fine, and it's easy to configure. It does simply and nicely what it's supposed to do, and fills an important missing feature in Gmail
  • Great product! Once my friend told me about this amazing add-on and since that day I'm telling to all my friends to download it. It's very useful and handy
  • Настроил один раз и все работает.
  • Extensão excepcional que permite uma espectacular personalização das mensagens de correio electrónico!
  • Helps me easily add sigs to all of my email accounts.
  • Worked well for a long time, but then my Yahoo Mail started to load messages very slowly. I didn't make the connection to WiseStamp at first, until suddenly when I would go to view my Yahoo calendar (beta version), a script error would pop up connected to WiseStamp. I disabled WiseStamp, and now my Yahoo e-mail and calendar load normally. I guess this problem is connected to one of the latest updates, because it only started a week or so ago. (Using FF 3.5.13.)
  • One of the primary reasons I switched to Gmail after all these yrs.
    Best email signature thanks guys!
  • In version 2.0.3 upon opening Gmail I get disk thrashing for 15 to 30 seconds, before my email is available. I had to go back to 1.3.8 to be able to use it. If it weren't for the thrashing, I'd love this extension.
    Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for letting us know about this.
    If you have Gmail Labs Inbox preview enables there is a known conflict we are already working on fix for. Disabling inbox preview will eliminate this trashing.
    @ WiseStamp Team
  • I loved the old version b/c one could move the social media icon links above part or all of the signature. Now, there is no 'advanced' tab under HTML settings to allow this, and consequently, the icons get shoved to the bottom of the whole sig. Very disappointing, please fix this or offer an alternative solution for those of us that aren't hackers..
    Hi Steenl,Thanks for your note. Our new version has an improved way to place the social icons where ever you want!All you have to do is to write the following text- {social} or {im} in the editor - this will add the icons in the exact location of this text, anywhere you place it in your sig, isn't that cool?Enjoy!@WiseStamp Team
  • This used to be awesome... sadly it's become bloatware

    UPDATE: Big Improvements. Well done
  • 1.3.8. Is just great for me in Yahoo! mail. Repeatedly the higher versions cause Yahoo! email to bog down and crawl attempting to open an email folder. I can't use them.
  • Quiet a useful addon; better than boring T-bird signatures.

    One issue I have with it is that it puts my signature below the timestamp that Thunderbird generates, so I have to cut and paste it everytime I send a message.
  • Great tool to have a signature in gmail with a lot of sharing options.
  • One thing to think about is that if you send a SMS message to someone in Gmail you will have to disable your signature first or you'll cause problems for the recipient of your message.
  • The new version 2.02 hanged completely my Gmail, without any possibility to do anything, due to the opened window telling that a bug was preventing a script to do its job, this window being NOT closable (no effect for any of the buttons) !!!
    Yes, indeed, a very hard bug !!!
    I had a very hard time trying to uninstall it, finally figuring out how to do it : firstly to close my Gmail tab, then uninstall wisestamp, then rebooting firefox
  • برنامج رائع
  • Extensão excepcional. Assinatura profissional nos e-mails tanto no Thunderbird quanto no Firefox.
  • Very nice addon.
    For Firefox 4.0 beta you can use Wisestamp 2.0.0beta4

    greetings from Michael
  • Très bon module, très complet.
    Mis à part deux choses:
    1) Il ne gère que deux signatures
    2) Il n'est toujours pas compatible avec TB 3.1 même si on peut lire qu'il est compatible et c'est plus que gênant.
  • I love WiseStamp and have been using it for a long while now. It's easy to integrate and allows me to customize my personal branding per email address. Keep up the good work and many thanks.
  • it does simply and nicely what it's supposed to do, and fills an important missing feature in Gmail
  • Many users have complained about the signature displaying ABOVE replies/forwards in Thunderbird, when using WiseStamp. The developer has posted a note that the Beta Channel of WS resolves this problem. But--the Beta Channel version is incompatible with Thunderbird 3.0.4, the latest version. Any suggestions? I like WS, but it won't work if you have to manually move the sig each time.
  • I love this add-on and use it all the time. I wish though, I could insert the stamp where ever I place my cursor. It always defaults to the top of the email regardless where the cursor is.

    Thanks for a great add-on
  • Nice add-on but buggy while using Thunderbird. No matter where you try to put on the stamp it'l allways put it on top of your mail. Even over written text. With a little trick you'll be able to use local pictures in your stamp too. Hope Wise Stamp will fix upper behavior of their otherwise usefull software soon.