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  • This add-on works great, and I love the fact I can add my latest tweet, my latest post from my Facebook and G+ page and much more. However, I am about to uninstall it: I've got 1 tweet and 1 FB post included in my sig, and it adds twice the link "get this email app" , PLUS: "Want a signature like mine?
    Click here."

    This can be manually deleted, but that's really time consuming. I can understand that there has to be money coming in, but I really hate monthly plans and advertising in my signature. It would be more friendly to just give paying customers more options without the several links in the signature.

    I'd be happy to pay a lifetime licence (which you don't offer right now), so I am uninstalling it. I will keep checking you guys however!

    Nice free app for private emails, or for a business if you're willing to pay every year.
    Thanks for your feedback Mama,
    The support WiseStamp line could be easily removed via your settings as explained here http://help.wisestamp.com/1f

    A completely clear design is also offered as part of the Pro packages.
    The yearly charges recur automatically - so it's really hassle free.
  • Great product. So easy use (to create signatures and then to select which signature I want to use when I send an email). Gives a professional looking result and had brilliant service from the developer when I had a problem.
  • It is an AMAZING Application. Makes life easy and brings you every necessary option to create a very professional and great looking e-mail signature. I am proud seeing my signature each time I am sending an e-mail. Also, extremely friendly people at WiseStamp working hard fixing users problems! Thumbs UP!
  • Cool and easy to use.
    Fast a professional support team, I sent WiseStamp support team an email and I got help after e very short time.
  • Tremendo, me gusto mucho..
  • I like that it includes an app for wordpress.com blogs, but I wish it would work also for wordpress blogs hosted elsewhere.
    Thanks for your feedback! the good news is that Wordpress hosted blogs is now fully supported, get our latest version!
    Isn't that worth a 5 star ;)
  • Anda muy bien, y es muy conveniente. Recomendado!
  • We started using this app from wisestamp for all our business/professional emails and it has definitely improved our image. Also communication/feedback through various social media channels have seen a spurt of growth since people actually click on the signatures and latest tweets.

    +1 Recommend this app!
  • Für FF sehe ich keine Verwendung dafür aber für den Thunderbird ist es große Klasse.
  • This is one of those rare addons that makes me feel good about using Firefox. I'm very happy with the Wisestamp interface and it's easy to use. Even better is the excellent (and quick!) support. Thanks Tom, you & your team deserve your 5 stars!
  • "hiper" usefull!!!
  • Wisestamp is a super-duper way to get your signature onto emails when you have multiple people using the same gmail account.
  • Very nice signatures to make my emails nice and professional
  • Very userful add on. You have to try it!!
  • Better than any other I have used!
  • WiseStamp is so helpful to letting everyone know what I'm doing and my newest blog posts too. Truly incredible!
  • One of my favorite add-ons. The authors keep the upgrades coming. I like the wide variety of features and the ability to back-up to the cloud and sync across all browsers and machines I own. Very easy to use, very intuitive.
  • Agregando como app G+ redondeo lo que era ya un excelente plugin
  • Works quicker and more efficiently than what I had been using. Safer, too.
  • Love it! Easy to use and a necessary tool for my gmail.
  • The best add on ever used. Gives us a professional signature on all our emails. Being designers of exclusive stationery it is really important what we do send out to people gives the right message and looks great. WiseStamp lets us do just that. Easy to use too and can be changed or amended without any fuss. Had to use support once with a minor query, I received an immediate e-response which sorted and answered my query promptly. Fantastic.
  • It works nicely and neatly, exactly what I was looking for, and I dont even use most of it!!!
  • no more words, i just want to say that this is coolest ff extention for emails tools addon.... !! great job!!
  • Without this, I would probably be stuck to using Outlook to send my emails. Having a professional email signature is a key component to my branding strategy as a freelancer. They've been really good at keeping it up-to-date as Google updates their web mail service. The Thunderbird version also works really well. Love having the ability to show my latest tweet.
  • I think WS is one of the most useful signature apps created. I'm so happy they keep up on new social networking apps!