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  • It looks great but it does not work in Mozilla Gmail. I've read all and tried all of the current fixes and none works... yet.
    Hoping for an update.
  • Dá muito jeito e é fácil de utilização.
  • Such a great tool when using with Gmail.My email signature is really important to me and this add on gives me the chance to design my own. I sometimes find it doesn't load in Firefox/Gmail, hopefully this will change in the near future. Recommended.
  • May I ask when Thunderbird 18.* is again supported? I assume it's a matter of just changing the versions range.

    It's very inconvenient to buy a paid plan and learn WisStamp is no longer supporting your email client.
  • Just finished loading this add-on and it is awesome. Been using Blank Canvas and this surpasses BC hands down. I found it a little overwhelming and confusing at first HOWEVER besides how good it is, the support was even better. That alone will have me using this for a long time.

    Highly recommended!!!
  • This useful addon was working fine until I updated to Firefox 17.0. I hope there is an update on the way...
    we have loaded a quick fix to this problem. Please install from wisestamp.com - we are working on a more stable version that will be loaded to the Mozilla gallery soon.
  • Loved this add on but now with the new Gmail set up, it doesn't work anymore. Will there be an update to work with the new Gmail set up?
    Hi, We are already working on a fix to the new Gmail. Stay tuned for the update!
  • We started using this app from wisestamp for all our business/professional emails and it has definitely improved our image. Also communication/feedback through various social media channels have seen a spurt of growth since people actually click on the signatures and latest tweets.

    +1 Recommend this app!
    Thanks Cleanclotheshq for sharing this with us!
    @WiseStamp Team
  • It works nicely and neatly, exactly what I was looking for, and I dont even use most of it!!!
  • Since I've updated, wisestamp doesn't work anymore, is that correct.....???
  • WiseStamp is probably one of the most innovative and useful add-ons that I use. It's an extremely "smart" add-on that acts as a business car wherever you want to add your signature. With a plethora of options ranging from a typical signature, to adding security statements, and icons that add links to your personal pages,(Facebook, Twitter, even your Skype account) it allows the user to completely personalize the WiseStamp experience in ways you couldn't even imagine. Professional and fun at the same time, you can automatically add your "stamp" to emails, Facebook, or anywhere else a signature could be used. WiseStamp is a must-have for everyone (business personnel as well as general users). I highly recommend!
  • Sangat luar biasa, sangat berguna.
    Aplikasinya juga sangat mudah. Menyesuaikan informasi identitas yang ingin kita sampaikan pada email kita. Ada pilihan personal, business dan none. Sangat efisien...
    Agan-agan harus pasang add-ons ini.
  • thanks a lot for this add on!!! it made the signature in my emails more professional and more crisp. I loved it.
  • Wisestamp makes it so easy to insert a custom email signature to all of my email accounts. I can customize it to my hearts content and it pulls from my Twitter, Facebook and other accounts. Very cool!
  • I love using WiseStamp to make my emails more professional looking. I love that my colleagues and customers can simply click to go straight to my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, which gives me great social media presence. And you can't beat free!
  • Love it! Great add-on.
  • Do you use Gmail? If so, you must have this add-on! Wisestamp saves so much time. I have setup a work and a personal signature, so depending upon whether I am using Google Apps Gmail (work) or just standard Gmail (personal), I have a quick way of sending people my contact info. I like the fact that I can include my social network and IM links. I can use the same account for work and home and just choose which to set within each version of gmail.

    What I find most time,saving is the fact I can include details to my web conference line. I used to have a notepad text snippet that I would have to copy and paste. Now it is automatically there in my email that I can send to people. That saves so much time!

    It is by far one of the most used add-ons that I have installed. Try it for yourself.
  • i was searching for something to make my signature linked to my socmed and display some daily quotes, and woilaaa...i found this beautifull apps. I installed the addons for Mozilla, for Chrome, and waiting for the mobile version because i read emails and reply them mostly by my mobile device. i love this app, you should try it too.
  • Love WiseStamp - easy to use. Great that it includes your latest Facebook posts on your Email Signature. Turns even your own (and your staff's) Funny-Forwards Emails into Networking/Marketing/SEO opportunities. Other signature apps pale in comparison. Also, I get the feeling that these guys will keep adding new aspects to keep WiseStamp ahead of the curve.
  • I work in several School Districts and with several small companies all of which use Google Apps as their operating platform. Because of this I have about a dozen Google email addresses. WiseStamp manages my .sig's across these beautifully! Love it! Couldn't live without it.
  • WiseStamp is THE choice for custom signatures for email. You can make the way you want it to look easily. And the ability to add quick links to your own social media is fantastic! Give it a try. You'll only ask why you didn't try it sooner.
  • After trying to add a signature file to Yahoo Mail with no success I found WiseStamp. This baby rocks! Thanks to the coders that made it come to life. Still a small problem with my Hotmail, but they are working on it.
  • While it is a technical feat, I think it has become way to commercial. I just need to change between several simple text only signatures, and for that there are much better free add-ons!
  • So far, I really like the addon (though I just started using it). It has a very easy setup process, it gives you a good level of control over what goes into your signature, and it's fairly easy to remove anything you don't want.

    Edit: Well gee, here I am making a shmuck of myself when Mozilla just hasn't approved the newest version of the addon yet. :) On my way to get it from the site! Thank you SO much for not only a very concise, clear reply but a FAST one as well! And thanks for a super addon! <3
    Hi Matdredalia,
    Thanks for your feedback,
    We have great news for you: - Pinterest is here and it's Free!
    Our latest updated version is still pending review on Mozilla, however you can get it now via our site ☛ www.wisestamp.com
    So what are you waiting for - upgrade to our latest, get your Pinterest in there, Follow us as well www.pinterest.com/wisestamp and if that isn't worth 5 Stars in our feedback i don't know what does :)
    Josh @WiseStamp
  • Exactly what I was looking for to showcase my business' yelp page and other profiles AND came with many additional features layouts I hadn't even thought of.