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  • not working
  • Same for me : Makes me log in to WiseStamp every time I start my browser. Running FF 57.0 64 bit. This never used to happen. Tried reinstalling but it made no difference. Pain in the ass... I won't pay again for that
  • Makes me look professional, 5/5 very good app.
  • I loved Wisestamp, but no more. The new version is incredibly burdensome and invasive. When you open your browser, up pops another tab for Wisestamp. When you open Gmail, you get another pop up that requires you to log in. And, if that's not enough of a hassle, another pop up asks if you want to use the signature you created (in my case, years ago). Okay, I understand the company has to make money, however (although there are also complaints from paid users), the free version has always tagged on a link to their company in any e-mail I send. It's one thing to see an occasional request to upgrade to their Pro version, but the latest iteration of this software is far to invasive to be worthwhile. IMO, Mozilla not continue to offer this app.
  • Makes me log in to WiseStamp every time I start my browser. Running FF 56.0.2 64 bit. This never used to happen. In the past I'd start Gmail and wise stamp would be ready to go with no input from me. Tried reinstalling but it made no difference. Pain in the ass...
  • Buy Pro version or get SPAMMED !
  • UPDATE: 12/31/2014 Wisestamp did finally respond and upgraded by account back to Pro. Perhaps it was an email issue. I was emailing admin@wisestamp.com and they responded from support@wisestamp.com. So perhaps better to use the support email address rather than the admin email address.

    I've loved WiseStamp for years and am happy to have my Pro account reactivated.
    INITIAL REVIEW: I paid for one full year of WiseStamp Pro on Nov 20, 2014 and had Pro for about 20 days. They cancelled my WiseStamp Pro when I cancelled the automatic payment due Nov 2015. I sent several emails asking them to please reactivate WiseStamp Pro on my account as I paid for 12 months. They have not responded to my request or reactivated Pro on my account even though I paid 12 months in advance. I paid for one full year of WiseStamp Pro and only received 20 days.
  • Had an issue, they finally got is squared away. I really enjoy using this piece of software. The whole office has it and it really spruces up our emails!
  • This add on stopped working on Mac, and PC version of FF starting with FF v30 and above. Currently running FF 34.0.5 and still not working. Its been months. Tried deleting and reinstalling and nothing. Beta version does not work either.
    No place on web to post for help except here.
    Hi SigRich, Thanks for your feedback.
    You can always reach out to us via our support webapp.wisestamp.com/help and we will be happy to help and respond.

    Our latest beta version Version 4.2.50beta is tested daily and works perfectly you can find it here http://goo.gl/GPr4J5

    Unfortionatly our public version does not work and we are working with the Mozilla team to get it updated - we informed them that users have an issue with this version and are still awaiting their response.
  • I've used this for YEARS. I don't want to figure another add on out. I just want this to work. Anyone have a solution? I have Firefox 33.1, Gmail and am on a MacBook Pro. Thanks!

    Never mind! I reinstalled and I kept looking for it to show up on my browser, but instead, it shows up in the corner of my "compose email" box. All is well. Just wish the free version didn't look so crappy but, whatever! It's free. (-:
  • Perfect for my Gmail emails
  • While the idea is excellent, getting it to work on Firefox (v 26) is a hit & miss operation. Sometimes it works. Other times it doesn't. And frankly I feel I have wasted enough trying to get it to work. Really this whole integration should be much more seamless and stable. Unless you have plenty of time to waste, this addon ain't worth the effort.
  • Was using this until it SPAMED me within Thunderbird. wisestamp spamed a POPUP with in Thunderbird and it would not close unless I clicked on the link. SO I DELETED wisestamp!
    Hi Othoap, thanks for reporting this. We defiantly didn't have intentions to spam you. This might have been a bug. We triad to duplicate it and fix it. If this occurs again feel free to contact our help team.
  • very well.
    easy and fast
  • It looks great but it does not work in Mozilla Gmail. I've read all and tried all of the current fixes and none works... yet.
    Hoping for an update.
  • Dá muito jeito e é fácil de utilização.
  • Such a great tool when using with Gmail.My email signature is really important to me and this add on gives me the chance to design my own. I sometimes find it doesn't load in Firefox/Gmail, hopefully this will change in the near future. Recommended.
  • May I ask when Thunderbird 18.* is again supported? I assume it's a matter of just changing the versions range.

    It's very inconvenient to buy a paid plan and learn WisStamp is no longer supporting your email client.
  • Just finished loading this add-on and it is awesome. Been using Blank Canvas and this surpasses BC hands down. I found it a little overwhelming and confusing at first HOWEVER besides how good it is, the support was even better. That alone will have me using this for a long time.

    Highly recommended!!!
  • This useful addon was working fine until I updated to Firefox 17.0. I hope there is an update on the way...
    we have loaded a quick fix to this problem. Please install from wisestamp.com - we are working on a more stable version that will be loaded to the Mozilla gallery soon.
  • Loved this add on but now with the new Gmail set up, it doesn't work anymore. Will there be an update to work with the new Gmail set up?
    Hi, We are already working on a fix to the new Gmail. Stay tuned for the update!
  • We started using this app from wisestamp for all our business/professional emails and it has definitely improved our image. Also communication/feedback through various social media channels have seen a spurt of growth since people actually click on the signatures and latest tweets.

    +1 Recommend this app!
    Thanks Cleanclotheshq for sharing this with us!
    @WiseStamp Team
  • It works nicely and neatly, exactly what I was looking for, and I dont even use most of it!!!
  • Since I've updated, wisestamp doesn't work anymore, is that correct.....???
  • WiseStamp is probably one of the most innovative and useful add-ons that I use. It's an extremely "smart" add-on that acts as a business car wherever you want to add your signature. With a plethora of options ranging from a typical signature, to adding security statements, and icons that add links to your personal pages,(Facebook, Twitter, even your Skype account) it allows the user to completely personalize the WiseStamp experience in ways you couldn't even imagine. Professional and fun at the same time, you can automatically add your "stamp" to emails, Facebook, or anywhere else a signature could be used. WiseStamp is a must-have for everyone (business personnel as well as general users). I highly recommend!