27 reviews
  • Just the kind of theme that makes me smile, and is also easy on the eyes! Thank you.
  • Very very cute and beautiful.
  • I like it, It's cute and clean looking
  • very cute.
  • i like the graphics
  • Soo süüüüß!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  • love it
  • very cute firefox persona
  • So cute!
  • Очень милый лисенок)
  • Nice graphics, but putting an adver in my status bar is unacceptable.

    As soon as I installed this theme, the text "twobeers.net" appeared in my status bar / addon bar until I disabled it again. If you like an uncluttered status bar, don't install any themes from this artist.
  • Так меня напоминает (:
  • Super persona !
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