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  • Works perfectly, and very much needed.
  • Quick, reliable, gets the basics done
  • Good for a free product - but limited. A full use but low allowance maybe a better option?
  • I like this add-on for FF from windscribe. Now I no longer need to use the desktop version. This version has everything I need. All privacy features: ad blocking, trackers; changing geographic location, browser language (all these changes are visible only for sites). I checked the settings on checkadblock.ru, whoer.net(100% privacy & anonymity) and speedtest.net(220/150 mbits)
  • Best VPN ever. Multiple servers worldwide, unlimited device usage, and solid speeds once you're on their servers
  • One of the best and most simple VPN-s (and I tested and used most of the VPNs on the market)
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