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  • Secure Connection Failed
    It is not working with Version 71. I have no problem with the chrome extension nor the desktop but firefox states there is a problem. I have changed all the proxy settings...still will not connect
  • Firefox v71 not working.
    It works just fine with v71. What's the issue?
  • {five}
  • the new version won't connect to any server
  • “Connection to WindScribe has been terminated” cyclic messages.
  • Просит регистрацию. Очередная тупая хрень
  • Шикарно :) быстро, удобно и надежно!
  • New UI s*cks! Not only it's ugly, but I also can't turn it off anymore. Windscribe is now always ON!
    Sorry you have no taste. As for not being able to turn it off, you're likely connected in the desktop app.
  • i like it , it works and you get 10gigs free a month