1,814 reviews
  • New UI s*cks! Not only it's ugly, but I also can't turn it off anymore. Windscribe is now always ON!
  • i like it , it works and you get 10gigs free a month
  • Fantastic VPN service, highly recommend!
  • very well!!!!!
  • Great extension! Hope to add a feature to bypass custom websites.
  • Very very good and usefull VPN addon, i really like it and buy premium with location that i need, but when i use VPN connection some dowloads at browser can't finished. Its just lost at midle of downloads. And Multithreaded Download Manager don't help me =(

    Also can you add r.o.b.e.r.t. settings in android and pc version? And i have a very unstable connection of you android vpn when i use proxy for additional layer of protection in my case.