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  • the best VPMeme out there.
  • I've enjoyed the service, but the new permissions required are WAY too much and won't be updating. No reason a VPN needs so much access to my data.

    I will give the update a try as they finally detailed WHY it needed new permissions. That's not obvious when it just asks without any reason, maybe this is partly on firefox. But after getting an email regarding the updates, the permissions make sense. Will update my review soon.
    The new PRIVACY features require the extension to be able to control these things in the browser. Without these permissions, the extension cannot be as effective.
  • after the update I could not connect. is this a bug? or do I have to upgrade so I don't experience this?
    but u are the best VPN that I have experienced from other VPNs
  • Not as fast as FPN but gets the job done.
  • Even if you choose Chinese, you can't switch to Chinese. Can developers solve it? Thank you!
    Will do.
  • Perfect extencion! Fast, free, and failsafe. The best I have ever used from this class of programs.
  • Best VPN
  • Excellent