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  • Windscribe is great, and the ad-on is pretty cool. It plays second fiddle to the desktop app though, so if you're really into protection, get that and use this in addition. 4/5 because the new update doesn't turn green (show that it's working) until after I click on it.
  • tres pratique
  • Windscribe will start automatically, although the option is turned off. This happens over time after opening the browser. This appeared after the last two updates.
  • It's for free and it's even fast enough for streams. I'm very pleased. 5/5
  • Vpn is best.But net speed is slow
  • Сразу сбрасывает подключение
    Your 3rd party anti-virus is likely doing this. Disable it and try again.
  • Works great all the time. It is light weight and never disconnect ever since i had been using even if your ISP fails. I use to make financial transactions like USA websites that restricts Nigeria / African ISP addresses like offerup, etc. Kudos to the developers. will donate ASAP as am loaded $$$$$. Great Software.