Lifesaver Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like the 'Force' setting. I would probably spend a few hours a week grappling with excessive tabs if it were not for this addon. Priceless.

Toolbar icon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I tend to constantly change the tab limit depending on the current situation. A toolbar icon would be a useful shortcut so I do not have to access the addons page and then scroll down and click on options every time in order to change the tab limit.

Otherwise, this addon is essential at helping you to keep your tab count under control. I like the 'Force' option.

An esssential addon. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I highly recommend this indispensable addon. This addon is essential for anyone who finds midway through internet surfing that you have so many tabs open that managing all of them begins to take more time than you actually spend looking at the content on the web pages. Even worse, your computer may slow down and you start to loose essential information in the morass of research and less important information.

I recommend this addon to anyone who has 20+ tabs open at one time and knows that they don't use all of them regularly, but never gets round to closing them or finishing the task you need to do before you close it (or simply has a habit of opening more tabs than they close). This addon forces you to do what you need to do before the workload becomes too large and unmanageable. It keeps you on your toes. It forces you to keep the 'quality' of your tabs high, because you can only keep open the ones that are essential for you to complete your task. It also forces you to bookmark tabs you will need again in a while, rather than keeping the tab open, so you don't end up with an overload of open tabs that you are not currently utilising.

I recommend using this addon with Tab Counter ( which tells you how many tabs you have open so you know when you are about to reach your specified tab limit. That's a tiny extension; it hardly slows your browser down at all.

I recommend using the "Force Mode" option for this addon. If you need to raise the tab limit temporarily, simply change the tab limit in this addon's options menu, then change it back again to keep the pressure on you to keep your number of tabs down. You will find that some tasks require a larger tab limit than others; you need to keep changing the tab limit to suit your current task. If you don't like changing the tab limit, use the "Suggestion Mode" option, which will continuously bug you to keep your tab number down if you exceed your limit, but allows you to exceed it temporarily; if you find that you keep opening tabs despite the addon buggging you to close some tabs, then you are like me and need to switch to using the "Force Mode" option ^_^.

For entertainment browsing, the "Silent Mode" option can be useful so that content that you have lost interest in disappears automatically so that you can always focus on the content that you are currently interested in, without the need to manage your tabs.

This is a fantastic addon and I would like to thank the developer for updating the browser so that current and future people who find themselves with too many tabs have such an effective solution to this problem.

This is an essential part of the Firefox experience.

More options please!! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This review is for the "Force Mode" option. I'd give the "Suggest Mode" 2 stars (it's too irritating to work above your tab limit; please check my previous review of this addon for more on that option) and the "Silent" option nothing as it's useless unless you're extremely forgetful as you loose tabs you've kept open because you want to keep them. I'm liking the "Force" option at the moment. I started on the "Suggest" option and found I'm too lazy to sort out tabs unless it's forced upon me and I hate the warning message dialog box appearing all the time.In the "Force" option, I'd like more options though. First, I'd like the option to determine the window limit separate from the tab limit, so that if I want to do some research, I can do it in a new window and be able to open the same number of tabs as my other window. Secondly, I'd like an unobtrusive popup to come up when you open your last allowed tab so you know you're about to reach your limit (and so avoid having to interact with the horrible warning message dialog). Thirdly, I'd like to be able to close my tabs when the warning message comes up by actually closing my tabs (i.e. not in the warning box) as it is hard when you set the tab limit at 100 to find the tab you're looking at in Firefox in the warning message dialogue (especially as one lists horizontally and the other lists vertically). This add on is a life saver. I am rather liking the "Force" mode though. Fortunately for this addon, it takes a restart of Firefox to disable an addon, in contrast to Chrome, else it would be too easy to disable when you're lazy. EDIT: I've found a Chrome extension that does the "Force Mode" in a way I prefer to this addon: - this method prevents you having to sift through the list of tabs in the warning message every time, because most of the time the tab you want to close is right in from of you in the tab bar anyway. This Chrome addon simply displays a message when you try to open a tab past your tab limit, telling you that you have reached your tab limit and that you cannot open any more tabs. The only improvement I would make to this way of doing things is that I would prefer the message to be displayed by popup, so that you can just click anywahere to remove the message, and not have to click on the "OK" every time. That extension also has a useful icon on the menu bar telling you how many tabs you have open, and the tab limit you chose, so that you know when you are about to reach your limit.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.27.1-signed.1-signed). 

I find the warning messages too intrusive in the "Suggest" mode; I suggest greying out the new tab buttons when the tab limit is reached rather than the current warning message system, or alternatively, displaying a non-intrusive popup reminder that can be clicked on for the tab list, or simply ignored so that it does not disrupt your work in progress. Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I'm in the same situation as kinecticrob. I like to have ~200 tabs open but would like to use this extension to prevent me reaching 900 tabs and it all becoming unmanageable. The "Suggest" option is just about satisfactory for what I'm looking for, although I think it needs major improvements. I suggest please that the warning message only comes up every time you open a new tab (and NOT every time a tab reloads, or you click on a link in the tab), to prevent it becoming too much of an annoyance, and effectively "bricking" FireFox. The developer says that you can carry on working with the "Suggest" option; this is not the case; it effectively still forces you to close tabs i.e. it's too intrusive to be just a reminder, because the warning message comes up again whenever you click on any link on the page. Also if you open tabs in quick sussesion (i.e. through a session resore), you shouldn't get 200 warning messages; that's just ridiculous; add a "do this to all" tick box to the warning box please.But the functionality I'm really looking for is one like on my iPhone 3GS. On the 3GS, the "new window/tab" option greys out when you reach the maximum tab limit (on the phone it's 8). I love this system, because it is much, much less irritating than the warning message approach this addon takes.The thing I do find annoying on the iPhone though is that if a link opens automatically in a new tab it overwrites the oldest tab. Instead of that with this addon I'd prefer it to just open in a new tab (i.e. temporarily raising the tab limit for just these "automatically opening in new tab" type tabs, but not allow further navigation in these tabs until you're once again on or below the tab limit - not using an intrusive warning message, just display a notice as a popup like when Firefox asks if you want it to remember a password for you). I know the iPhone just has the system due to technological limitations, but I really like the system and think that it would apply well to the users of the "Suggest" feature of this addon.This addon barely gives me what I require, but I could not browse without it. So I sincerely thank the developer for developing the addon, but I'm hoping please for major improvements in future updates. EDIT: Since editing this review a number of times, I have a different, simpler suggestion. In the "Suggest" mode, just make the warning message a non-intrusive popup (that you can CHOOSE to click on to display the tabs list) that goes away after a few seconds (or perhaps when you click on anything but it), so you can just carry on working. That way, you still are reminded that you have too many tabs open, but it doesn't disrupt your train of thought and work in progress.Anyone else have any suggestions to avoid having intrusive popups? Any solution without intrusive popups in the "Suggest" mode would be my perfect reminder system. Thanks again to the developer for creating this addon that's essential for those who have the tendency to open tabs at a faster rate than closing them without thinking about it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.27.1-signed.1-signed).