494 reviews
  • One helluva superb add-on!
    As daily Wikipedia user, this is a "must-have" tool!
  • Looks nice, but the central column with the text is so narrow that it renders the page unreadable and useless.
  • Overall, this extension is great, although, the only flaw I see in it so far is that when I scroll down on an article, the ToC frame doesn't stay put for easy reference. In my experience, the ToC frame scrolls down with the article frame.
  • Provides us with a proper dark mode and font size control for Wikipedia, and thus finally makes the indispensable website readable, usable and good-looking on modern PCs. All of the add-ons other faults can be overlooked just on this account. An excellent extension!
  • it's ease to read wikipedia
  • I install wikiwand and it looks great but it keeps bugging me to install wikiwand... what? The only reason I'm seeing the message is because I have wikiwand installed. What the hell is this? Stop the popups, jesus! I mean, how utterly stupid is this: "Enjoying Wikiwand? Get Wikiwand!" ... I mean... really?! is this a joke? I already have the extension!!! uninstalling. Completely ridiculous. The fact that this addon has such good reviews does nothing but tell me how utterly brain dead the vast majority of people are. That, or every single positive review on this addon is fake.