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  • All they do is taking Wikipedia's hard work and making money out of it (which Wikipedia has always refused). Everyone's free to make money if done legally but that's a rude way of doing it (since Wikipedia lives from donations). My old laptop can't run it since Wikiwand is so modern. My last concern is that when the addon has been installed, even if you go to Wikipedia you'll be redirected
    Btw, the sidebar doesnt work properly on pages with a lot of headers https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Collatz_conjecture
  • Looks much more professional than normal Wikipedia. If only people would donate to our beloved Wiki...
  • Very very good! If it get more options for customization (text color, more background colors) available, it would be just perfect!
  • Super sympa
  • One helluva superb add-on!
    As daily Wikipedia user, this is a "must-have" tool!
  • Looks nice, but the central column with the text is so narrow that it renders the page unreadable and useless.
  • Overall, this extension is great, although, the only flaw I see in it so far is that when I scroll down on an article, the ToC frame doesn't stay put for easy reference. In my experience, the ToC frame scrolls down with the article frame.
  • Provides us with a proper dark mode and font size control for Wikipedia, and thus finally makes the indispensable website readable, usable and good-looking on modern PCs. All of the add-ons other faults can be overlooked just on this account. An excellent extension!
  • it's ease to read wikipedia