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  • It's a great idea and Wiki2 does produce attractively formatted pages. So I really wanted to like this. But Wiki2 (and therefore the extension) regularly lead to the wrong pages pulled from the original Wiki. Until this gets solved, I'm going back to boring plain Wikipedia.. it may be dull, but at least it's the right information.
    Sorry to hear, no one has reported misdirection til now. Can you describe the problem in more details? To talk-to-me@wiki2.org, please.
  • Schöne und praktische Erweiterung Wikipedias. Man kann sich "seine" Wikipedia-Seite gestalten und zusätzliche Werkzeuge für die Arbeit mit Wikipedia einsetzen, je nach Belieben. Sehr gut finde ich die wirklich nützliche Einbettung von YouTube. Das Rad wurde jedoch nicht neu erfunden und deutschsprachig ist W² leider nicht zu verwende. Deshalb "nur" 4 Sterne...
  • OK!
  • Quantum всё ещё не поддерживается
    Поддерживается, пользуйтесь с удовольствием!
  • Неплохо было бы обновить.
    Обновилось, пользуйтесь с удовольствием!
  • расширение, с которым читать википедию гораздо приятнее. красиво и удобно. очень жаль, что оно перестало поддерживаться браузером
    Теперь поддерживается, пользуйтесь с удовольствием!
  • I really love this extension and hope it gets updated for Quantum
    Your hope came true! Use for pleasure.
  • I am hoping they narrow the columns on wikipedia.
  • OK, but if you want to revert back to the standard Wikipedia page, you're out of luck.
    Hi, Cajundweeb!
    You can find a link "Show original" in the top menu of any article page. Just hit this link to revert back to the standard Wikipedia page.
  • шикарная штука
  • brilliant and so easy to use
  • Awesome.I don't review much but had to for this one.
  • Truly Amazing! For me it is also the best way to watch related youtube videos.
  • Normally, I really LOVE this addon!!
    Today, I just noticed that ALL related embedded videos start playing AT THE SAME TIME!!
    I don't even like when a video starts playing on it's own. But when multiple vids on one page start playing... what a mess!
    Before this incident - 5 stars all the way!! :)

    UPDATE: Got the prob under some control, now. Had to download FlashStopper 1.2.2, to solve the prob. At least, that's what seemed to work for me. Would be nice to have that feature embedded in addon...
    Thanks for feedback, Sparklark.

    We can't reproduce the bug nor in FF, nor in any other browser. What operating system are you using?

    And to be sure that there is no interference with other addons, please, try to switch them off for a minute.
  • I spend a lot of time reading Wikipedia. If you want a cool Wikipedia transformation I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for. This addon won't radically change everything. It will just vastly improve a lot of small details, and add some important features, such as video and floating search. Overall, I really like it.
  • WA looks attractive but inserts annoying videos right in the middle of articles, with transcripts in total gibberish. They are not original wikipedia content, so their purpose is confusing. Advancio's English in the accompanying text is also quite clunky. I recommend he involves a competent English writer to improve the meaning of his text.
    This WA add-on does not add extra information to a wiki search, so exactly what is *advanced* about it, beyond its appearance? I don't like being critical, as advancio has invested a lot of work, but the uptake of less than 500 users, and only 3 reviews, implies WA doesn't really add anything but a skin.
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