How to get working with https everywhere Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is how to get it to work with HTTPS everywhere:
1. download the .xpi (wikilook@testpilot.xpi) and close Firefox.
2. Open and extract the .xpi with 7zip (an xpi is just a collection of files)
3. navigate to the extracted directory: \wikilook@testpilot\chrome\wikilook\content\
4. Open all the .css, .js, and .xul files in notepad++
5. in notepad++ hit ctrl+h to open the find&replace dialog box
6. enter in Find:
7. and replace:
8. click "replace all in all open documents"
9. close and save all files
10. repackage all files into the xpi (open the original .xpi with 7zip, and drag all folders and files onto the 7zip winodow
11. close 7zip and restart firefox
this should work, it did on mine