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  • This isn't perfect; sometimes it shows incorrect prices, it doesn't work on many sites, and you're giving up a lot of privacy. But you can save a pile of money when it does work; I just saved $20 on a $130 item when it pointed me to a 100%-rated ebay seller instead of Amazon.
  • With Wikibuy installed, I viewed an amazon page for an item I was considering purchasing. The addon told me the the wrong price and shipping cost even though the price was listed right on the page, along with free shipping. It lies and does not tell you the truth, in order to get you to buy from them so they can make money. I do not like being swindled or lied to. I will be removing this addon permanently.

    Here is a link to an image to prove this:
  • Doesn't always jump right to lowest price but eventually gets there. Patience pays off!
  • Pretty unintrusive, sometimes it gives 'discounted' offers on Amazon that are already being displayed. It has been very useful in reminding me to check eBay and other outlets for items that are not time sensitive. The discount code checker seems to work very well.
  • Only works in the United States
  • I enjoy using it on Chrome. Unfortunately everytime I try to add it to firefox, I get a failed to download message and check my connection....Its not my connection since I can get to every website I try just fine with the existing conection.
  • Wiki buy is great
  • I like wikibuy and have used it for price comparisons, guidance and whatnot. However, I would have given a 4-star+; the problem is that over that last couple of months wikibuy doesn't appear on sites like Best Buy and many others. In this arena, there are many sites that seem to have "blocked" the ability to use it. I whitelisted wikibuy, bestbuy, lowes, etc. It worked with Best Buy with the whitelisting...then it didn't. It was a temporary fix that no longer works in tandem with the sites I visit. That's not to say it's not beneficial, but at this point I have to go the wikibuy site and manually add items (using product numbers) to my 'watchlist'. Working in IT, it's surely not wikibuy's inherent issue...it's that it must be being blocked in this technology-ridiculous world.
  • Thought I'd give it a try but didn't expect much. I've used it for 2 days and thus far saved about $50-75! Several items I got a $20 discount on, one of those I purchased on Ebay because it was $20 cheaper than Amazon. Amazon is my go to for purchases. I used to check with several other sites to be sure I was getting the best price [Walmart, Best Buy, Ebay] and it would appear that this app does that comparison for me....that's a lot of time saved. So we shall see over time, but right now I'm lovin' it. Hopefully I can come back and update my review later....
  • Thanks to this extension I was able to buy a Nintendo Switch with a $50 discount coupon! I thought it was some kind of a lie until I got it on my hands. It really works and you can see good discounts!
  • I've been using Wikibuy along with Honey for some time now, and while both are very useful, frequently Wikibuy comes up with the lowest price.

    it's not perfect, like many such tools it can get the product search wrong and return a low price for a different product or size, but it doesn't happen very frequently, and it is easy to report such errors.

    I'd hate to be stuck with just one shopping add-on, but this is one of my top candidates.
  • Finally available on Firefox. Automatically applies coupons on favorite sites and tells you when there are better prices on products you're looking at.
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