Description is missing the MAIN BACKEND FUNCTION of this Add-On? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I've started to read the users reviews for Add-Ons for FF prior to installing them now as (had a couple not perform/function as described and created a lot of work to correct - not a pleasant ordeal) I've personally found that their experiences serve as a great precursor on what to expect and what not to expect for the Add-On. The review(s) here are on point. I did my research and was taken back by the Primary Function of this add-on?!? Fist of all I use FireFox over other browsers by choice. I've chosen FF based on their marketing of the ability to preserve my privacy extensively. It's proven to be far better than other browsers in many ways. That said I'm taken that an add-on such as this is even available more so that it exists without full disclosure? DO your research on it and if you're okay with an add-on that boasts that it collects more data on a user/person than any other and it gives it to who knows who and who knows where it goes from there or what its used for than this add-on is second to NONE... FF should screen these types of add-ons rather Data Mining programs out of use it's unthinkable FF supports this!!

Will not use once *cqcounter,com came up & blocked by other things in my machine Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Installed this add-on making it a part of search engine choice and then used it for the first time to look up and I was stopped by "stuff" I have on machine and stuff I have custom configured and I was not allowed to access cqcounter to use this add-on & find the whois / IP info I was looking for

The only reason I could list their sites in the sources below was I temporarily allowed access by browser in case anyone is wondering how it is listed anyway as source

I am not "bad mouthing or blaming the developer" as I wanted to use this and I think this review is more than on add-on & is cqcounter- I want you the reader to beware this add-on is affiliated with *cqcounter.- I just won't use it as is affiliated with *cqcounter (many more than one *cqcounter so don't be fooled by blocking one & that's it. Are many)

Be aware to make more informed decision for yourself- I am not writing this to say use it or not.Just beware * is affiliated

If you don't mind this tracking & collecting of your habits and info & it being used by them indefinitely for thing you don't know about (JUST what ARE they doing with this info?) & also third parties who also use your info in ways you don't know about- *cqcounter and many companies like them than add-on be no problem

Wish developer could "make" this with out tracking, ect affiliations. Then I would DEFINITELY use it!
If you value your privacy ya may want to read on:


* is many hosts file as well including my own custom hosts file lists I use

It is:

Free web counter, hit counter, free counter, web site tracker - CQ Counter
Description: Free web counter and site access tracker that offers many detailed statistics and reports.

CQ Counter tracks more information than any other web-tracking service. Our statistics reports include:
Time Period - Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and day of week, and hourly reports for page hits and unique visitors, and most popular pages on your site.
Visitor profile reports - What browser, operating systems, monitor settings, and languages they use, as well as which domains and countries they came from.
Marketing reports - How people were referred to your site - whether through ad banners, search engines, e-mail address, or other people's links.
Statistics for the last 20 hits - IP address, proxy, engine, URL address, e-mail, HDD
General statistics.

The Referrers report helps you to see how people are finding your web pages. It tells you how many people arrived at your site from various destinations, whether it be another page, an email link, or a bookmark in their browser. The Search Engine report provides more details on referrals from search engines, including keywords used by searchers to find your site.

Full versions of this allow designated individual reports as public or private.

CQ Counter can be used together with other yet counters to collect & track your web / online habits and other personal info

Third party sites affiliated with any of the *cqcounter sites is used on. These other sites may send additional cookies to users to track you and may ask you for personal information such as your name and email address
--------------------------------------------------------------------, CQCOUNTER.COM [,,,,,,

- Multi-RBL/DNSBL Informationnew Listed Listed Listed Listed Listed Listed Listed Listed

These are the 'time outs' but don 't say if listed but does not mean they are exonerated, either Time out Time out Time out Time out Time out Time out Time out DSBL - Distributed Sender Boycott List/list Time out DSBL - Distributed Sender Boycott List/multihop Time out DSBL - Distributed Sender Boycott List/unconfirmed Time out

CQCOUNTER.COM - Domain Informationnew
Domain CQCOUNTER.COM [ Site Info Traceroute RBL/DNSBL lookup ]
Registrar GKG.NET, INC.
Registrar URL
Whois server
Created 14-Mar-2001
Updated 06-Aug-2012
Expires 14-Mar-2021
Time Left 2754 days 10 hours 38 minutes
Status clientTransferProhibited
DNS servers NS0.W3OPEN.COM
CQCOUNTER.COM - Geo Information
IP Address Whois Trace Route DNSBL lookup Whois Trace Route DNSBL lookup
Location US US, United States
City Chicago, IL 60654
Organization SingleHop
ISP SingleHop
AS Number AS32475 SingleHop
Latitude 41°88'76" North
Longitude 87°63'68" West
Distance 8351.61 km (5189.45 miles)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Does exactly as it says it does.

Рекомендую Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Очень полезное дополнение к браузеру.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works for me, I choose this search over all the others. All I need is the quick-n-simple whois info.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This search add-on makes it very convenient to find more info about an ip address or domain name. I recommend it to people that regularly use whois tools.