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  • plz make this addon work with u/d FF
  • Awesome tool!! This is something I used more than any other addon. I just wish they would make it available on the newer version of Firefox.
  • Would love to see this updated for 3.5. Used it all the time and now can't ;(
  • GREAT add-on!!!!! Any plans to get it to work with FF3.5.1?
  • Awesome! But somethimes I just want to see some photos of that person, just to remember who is it... would be nice if this add-on search on google images, yahoo images, msn live images, etc.
  • Damn. I really liked using this, but the Firefox 3.5x upgrade disables it and prevents it from being reinstalled.

    I hope you come up with a 3.5-compatible version soon!
  • I use this app many times daily. It's a simple time saving tool not just for searching people. You can use it to simply google any item you've highlighted and it pops up in a new tab. I love it!!
  • Very good plugin- highly recommended.
    The only suggestion I have is maybe to add Pipl, and also allow the addition of your own websites.

    A must for every cyberstalker.
  • Wow, it's great tools to track our competitor profile ...
  • wow this is another great tools to track our visitor profile :D
  • It seems to me that using Firefox's built-in search works just fine. Do a Google search on a person and come up with the same stuff anyway. No need do individually search others sites.
  • I recently received an email from a man named George Abdegwengo. He claimed to have 1 million in gold bullion stored in a steel time capsule in his back garden. However, he needed £1000 from me to rent a JCB and buy enough TNT to blow a hole open in the safe. Naturally, I was suspicious of this email because I have been mistrustful of people named George ever since a certain George from my childhood borrowed my rubber and never gave it back. I then proceeded to use this tool to do some background "research" on this individual and found out that he was actually a fraudster from Uganda! I promptly informed the authorities of this but unfortunately as of writing the man is still at large. If anyone comes across this man please inform your local authority.
  • Using this plugin, I managed to track down where my old girlfriend now lives and boiled her rabbit. Restraining order my ass!
  • As someone who stalks hot women on the internet on a weekly basis, I must say this is the best thing since boil in the bag rice. Or possibly pot noodle.
  • Brilliant for bunny boilers!

  • great addon
    but what about Ziki and Viadeo (french site)
    thank you
  • A must have plugin for all internet stalkers
  • Brilliant for recruitment
  • Useful plug-in, thanks!
  • Really useful for getting in contact with somebody that is mentioned on a website.
  • Who Is This Person? Also known as "Auto Stalker" plugin. Great stuff.
  • Any chance of adding support for hi5 - search page at:
    http://hi5.com/friend/displaySearch.do or myspace at:


    Rgds Toggmeister
  • I love to know who I am doing business with.
  • I love the idea of this tool and how responsive the developer has been to respond to earlier suggestions, i.e. add facebook, open in new tab, etc.

    I'm having trouble getting it to work for me.

    First, I'm having a problem - when I highlight the name, open the tool and click on the site I want to check, I always get "not found" because what was searched was [object Object]. Is that a bug or setting in my browser?

    Second, I too would prefer being able to search all sites at once...I'm not apt to use it much if I have to manually check each site - just as easy to google it!

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