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I wonder why themes which are basically skinning elements break with new FF versions ... anyone knowledgeable around who can throw some light ?


That's because themes are a bundle of CSS style-sheets mostly and every time they change them they break the theme. They change them to adjust for changes in the interface or fix bugs. It's not a bad thing but it takes a lot of time and work to follow them.

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An awesome theme ... simple and effective ! But modifying install.rdf is no longer working with FF 4b10. There is a scrolling list of button icons where the window maximize / minimize /restore buttons are supposed to be ... probably because FF4 eliminates the title bar ...

If only I knew enough of the Mozilla APIs on how to modify it to correct the errors ... :( ... hope someone with the knowledge does it, after FF4 becomes reaches RC in Feb '11 end ... till then I am using the flawed version ... I don't use mouse to max/min/restore windows anyway ... I have renamed it Whitehart ... fans can get it here:


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Whitehart is the best ! I have used Whitehart on both FF and TB since its Flyson days ... incomparable in terms of simplicity and easiness in the eyes .... Thanks Flyson, DonGato, Anders all those who give in bug reports and coding contribs ! Wish I could contribute ... I am hoping someone makes a compatible one with FF 4b6+ ... though FF4 is yet to become RC till 2011 ...

Take care guys !

No 4.0 release

Whitehart dies with Firefox 3.6. If you follow the link to Mozillazine forum you can read why.