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  • мы все тебя очень любили. зачем ты нас покинул, дорогой ты наш...
  • would pay for a new version.
    best theme ever PERIOD :)
  • I badly need someone to port this theme to FF 17.0.4 ESR. Without that my browsing experience is miserable :)
  • Очень нравилось ,но Недоступно для Firefox 18.0 жаль
  • Needs to be updated!
    I agree with those who say this is the best theme ever made in browser history. It was first called "breeze", and came out when firefox was still a relatively new browser. Strange that this masterpiece theme has been abandoned, it is unique and should be made available for the new firefox versions.
  • Definitely one of the best ever!

    Wish it could make a come back sooooon!!
  • My ALL TIME FAVORITE. As fiizok said, its a shame it's been abandoned for so long. Lets hope someone else start working on it again.
  • It seems this theme has been abandoned. That's a real shame. Not only is Whitehart my all-time favorite theme, it is also ranked...still...as one of the very best themes ever created for Firefox. The look is very clean and understated. There's nothing else remotely like it. And the sad fact is, I can't find another theme for Firefox that I can tolerate. I may have to give up and start using another browser.
  • Please update Whitehart to FF14.
  • This is the best theme for any browser. Ever. Would love someone to create for FF current. If on another browser, I'll switch :)
  • In my experience just changing the version string didn't work. A huge block of icons appeared in the toolbar, the tab groups didn't work correctly, etc. I've fixed most of the glaring issues and, lacking time and any firefox theming experience, added stuff from the default 4.x theme to make certain things work.

    I've been using this on firefox 4.0 for months (shortly after DonGato stopped maintaining this), with little issue, however I've only just installed firefox 7, and was actually surprised that it seems to work without additional problems.
    It's available at http://code.google.com/p/whitehart-updates

    If people are still wanting to help keep this afloat (seftali, I cannot find your email), do contact me at the google code page, report problems or post patches via 'issues', etc.
  • The best Firefox Theme
    I still use Firefox 3.6.x (because it is very nice) and this theme is the best for it. Try it to understand what I'm talking about.
  • It's easy to convert it to ff5. like an user before explain how to do it in mac, in windows would be the same, just need winrar.
    download the file .jar with chrome open it with winrar (not to extract) then open the file install.rdf with notepad and change the 3.6. for 5.0. finally save the file and close winrar.
    now you have the .jar file edited so just it need to install it through the extension menu manually. it works to me
  • I love the theme very much!!! It's a pity it's not available for FF5+.
  • @reviewer4firefox Thanks. I did just that and it worked for FF5 beta too. I dont know why DonGato can do this at least for now. I wish I can post this jar file somewhere.
  • Ojalá pronto salga la versión para FF 4.0
  • Everyone wants a 4.x update, but it works just fine (for me) with 4.0.1. On a mac, here's what to do. First, download the JAR file. I did it by going to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/whitehart/ using Google Chrome and clicking "download anyway". Then open "Terminal" from the Utilities folder in your Applications folder and run the following:

    cd ~/Downloads
    mkdir wht
    mv whitehart-3.6.7-fx.jar wht/
    cd wht/
    jar xf whitehart-3.6.7-fx.jar
    mv install.rdf install.rdf.OLD
    sed -e "s/3.6.\*/4.0.*/" install.rdf.OLD > install.rdf
    rm install.rdf.OLD whitehart-3.6.7-fx.jar ; jar cf whitehart-3.6.7-fx.jar *

    Then go into add-ons in Firefox, choose from the drop down in the upper right to install Add-on from file, and select your new JAR file (in the wht directory of Downloads). Works great for me.
  • This is the only theme I will ever use for Firefox - it's my favorite one, and you won't find me using any other theme - so please update this for Firefox 4. Until then, I'm stuck with the default.
  • But I'm missing it terribly. Is someone out there picking this one up tp upgrade for 4.*? Because I'm pretty sure it's not going to need many changes...
  • Long time favourite. A pity that it does not seem to be developed further :.(
  • having no prior experience with skinning but being unable to live with firefox 4 without this theme, i modified it to work with the present version. DonGato, with your permission i'm willing to put the time into properly updating or at least posting the patched version here for others who were desperate as i was. here's my review: this is easily the best theme available, flawless. could not do without. if willing contact me at my username @ gmail [the release notes say to contact you at mozillazine, but having created an account there for the sole purpose of doing so i find i haven't sufficient user permission] [20 apr edit: while this theme is still not entirely completed for 4 and i have yet to hear from the previous developer about assuming upkeep, a patched and mostly-working version is available and will be given to any who ask for it, as several have. contact me at my email address to be given a download link. i welcome any help or suggestions for the patch, but cannot outright publish it as-is, especially without author's blessing] [03 may edit: another user was able to reach out to dongato on my behalf and was told that somebody else is already working on this theme. until i know one way or the other it won't be further developed, but i will continue to host it for those who ask]
  • The best fx theme! Waiting for update.
  • The best theme I have ever seen, and I would pay for a new version if I could. Absolutely no downsides at all.
  • Please, make it avaliable to Firefox 4!