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having no prior experience with skinning but being unable to live with firefox 4 without this theme, i modified it to work with the present version. DonGato, with your permission i'm willing to put the time into properly updating or at least posting the patched version here for others who were desperate as i was. here's my review: this is easily the best theme available, flawless. could not do without. if willing contact me at my username @ gmail [the release notes say to contact you at mozillazine, but having created an account there for the sole purpose of doing so i find i haven't sufficient user permission] [20 apr edit: while this theme is still not entirely completed for 4 and i have yet to hear from the previous developer about assuming upkeep, a patched and mostly-working version is available and will be given to any who ask for it, as several have. contact me at my email address to be given a download link. i welcome any help or suggestions for the patch, but cannot outright publish it as-is, especially without author's blessing] [03 may edit: another user was able to reach out to dongato on my behalf and was told that somebody else is already working on this theme. until i know one way or the other it won't be further developed, but i will continue to host it for those who ask]