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  • wapp en la barra de tareas!!
  • It works really good BUT one thing I don't like is that I appear as "Online" many times a day even if I don't open the UI.

    So, my contacts believe I was online I didn't want to read their messages!

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you!
  • u should learn from elen norphen, he/she made 1 add-on like this. better in performance and light too. please learn and ask him.her
  • Después de la desaparición de WhatsApp™ Desktop hacía falta un complemento como éste, que supera ampliamente a todos los demás complementos para chatear con WhatsApp.
  • Basta clicar no ícone do whats(complemento) e já abre uma janela pequena do Whats. Depois é só clicar na tela do navegador que a pequena Janela se minimiza no ícone do whats. Achei mais prático que o "Web Messenger for WhatsApp".
  • The best one i have used, no bugs and errors. I used 3 or 4 other one, but this one is the one the I will keep.
  • Good
  • Is there a way to get the apk?? I wants to have the plugin at my working place on a "not on the internet connected pc, but with a working network router" (data exchanging between handy "wlan on" and pc "wlan on" works!!). Must be special, and I think without a permission procedure over the net there will be no way, or ????
  • Does everything i wanted it too, especially sorting out the microphone access problem with all the other addons.
  • nice add on
  • Nice chat..
    Highly recommended messenger for Firefox!
  • Love that this allows me to put my phone away while I'm working on the computer instead of shuffling back and forth between the two devices.

    One thing is that it doesn't seem to be able to download images sent over whatsapp. Or is it something about my setup? Conflicting with other addons?
  • Funktioniert super, stört nicht und macht was es soll.
  • muy buen complemento 5 estrellas!
  • Funcionando, muito legal!
  • Funciona bem.Ótimo aplicativo.
  • Cria um atalho muito fácil, que permite vc utilizar o Wpp sem ter que manter uma aba aberta e ainda vc pode acessar o Wpp em qualquer pagina que esteja navegando!
  • Endlich mal ein nützliches Tool für Whats App so muß man nicht ständig zum Handy greifen wenn eine Nachricht kommt