70 reviews
  • Ok
  • No longer works with Fx Quantum... just receive blank pop-up. The only popup based addon for whatsapp that currently work are "Green Messenger" and Whatsapp Launcher.
  • It is good and helpful uploading files difficult.
  • great helpful add-on... And for me, forced in bed, it's even MAGIC!! Thanks morni!!
  • Tut, was es soll :-)
  • It simply connects to the whatsapp website.
    As easily you can acces it by opening the url in a webbrowser tab.
    Makes no sense to install a plugin.
  • with bug, não funciona!
  • not working at all :(
  • Doesn't load the site at all, just stuck spinning. Nice idea though.
  • hii this is good
  • it is great source of communication
  • I like the interface. It is just like Whatsapp Web. What I didn't like is that within the short timespan of 15 minutes, I had to login through the mobile (Whatsapp Web) three times. My purpose for using a messenger like this is to keep the mobile away while I am working. So this app failed my purpose. I had to uninstall it.
  • Configuração rápida e fácil. Muito bom.
  • Not working with Firefox Quantum.
  • nice app