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43 reviews for this add-on
  • not working at all :(

  • Doesn't load the site at all, just stuck spinning. Nice idea though.

  • hii this is good

  • it is great source of communication

  • I like the interface. It is just like Whatsapp Web. What I didn't like is that within the short timespan of 15 minutes, I had to login through the mobile (Whatsapp Web) three times. My purpose for using a messenger like this is to keep the mobile away while I am working. So this app failed my purpose. I had to uninstall it.

  • Configuração rápida e fácil. Muito bom.

  • Not working with Firefox Quantum.

  • nice app

  • excellent

  • muito mais pratico que no celular

  • My WhatsApp extension has stopped working in the popup. I just get a blank window. If I click on the top icon to the left, it opens in a webpage tab ok. But the popup is empty. Suggestions?

  • Still not working with Firefox Quantum. It's just blank when press on the icon.

  • Can confirm. V.0.2.0 the popup is blank, but the buttons on the left are working.

  • v.0.2.0 is not working on firefox 57 x64. Not displaying anything

  • Keep the work going!

  • Not working as previous version and taking forever to load the addon on the top RHS side

  • It's back... thank you xo much for listen to our comment and bring this app back. we miss it. though I'm not seeing anything we i open it, it's just blank. like white blank but i can wait till it starst working properly. best addon worth waiting for. Glad to have you back

  • top mais dommage quil ne fonctionne plus sur la nouvelle version !!!!

  • Not bad !

  • Please make it work for Quantum Firefox.

  • Not work since yesterday

  • Just stopped working. Can't connect; it goes on, trying and trying and trying bur never works.

  • The icon in a bar stay light off, not green, but is working perfect, how i solve this??

  • this addons saves me a tab for keep opening whatsapp web

  • Не работает связь. Не возможно оставить голосовое сообщение.

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