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  • I put such an estimate in advance and I hope that you will soon be porting the extension with chrome on firefox.
  • inutil et sans vie
  • Does Not Work. Even with a fresh FF.
    Worse... Their site Webutation.net still relies on WOT Results, Even after WOT was REMOVED BY MOZILLA and Google (chrome) due to being caught selling user data and 'providing' weak supposed anonymization of YOUR DATA —This is Global Knowledge Now, so webutation has no excuse.
    We need a crowdsourced alternative to these...
    EVERYONE PLEASE REVIEW and IF SO INCLINED, LIST CROWDSOURCED SITE-RATING EQUIVALENTS —Without the shady connections, greasy baggage, dishonestly and bankrupt morals.
    FYI: Don't list TrustPilot.com as an alternative,
    Under investigation For Industrial Scale Fake Reviews:

  • It looks like this add-on has not been updated for awhile. But lucky for us there is not much you have to change to make it work in firefox 49 and I managed to do it. For fixed version look at https://github.com/Neinei0k/webutation-firefox
  • Ne fonctionne pas et abandonnée
  • Doesn't work and there is no access to the author. Don't waste your time downloading.
  • Your last chance to repair. WOT is sick and OUT. Your Chance to substitute it.
  • Don't work in firefox 42.0
  • Have installed/uninstalled twice, always same result: nothing. Pity. Seems like an improvement to WOT.
  • Doesn't work. No icon shows up and Webutation website is no help.
  • No longer works. Icons not showing for any sites despite attempting to install multiple times. Add-on doesn't appear to be supported. Don't use the leading alternative, named WOT as it tracks, stores and shares your browsing history. Consider other alternatives here: http://alternativeto.net/software/webutation/ Again, don't use WOT despite it being listed as the leading alternative in the linked to list.
  • Meilleur outil d 'evaluation des sites web
  • Je rejoins les derniers commentaires.
    Devenu inutilisable.
    Aucun affichage, aucune mise en garde.
    Bien dommage...
  • Doesn't work in Waterfox 37.0. No icon.
  • It does not work. I cannot see any icon in Firefox 37.
  • Three,yes three fresh installs of Firefox (no to mention multple attempts with the portable version) and I cannot get the damn icon to display!Useless.And "support section"?No help at all,just a legal disclaimer!What happened?
  • No longer displayed on toolbar.
  • Dieses Add-on funktioniert mit Mozilla Firefox 37 nicht mehr. Es wird kein Bewertungs-Icon mehr angezeigt!
  • Very good tool !
  • don't work
  • Hasn't worked from Firefox 29.0 through to now Firefox 35.0
    Might as well remove this program since they won't updated
    the program at all. To lazy to keep-up with the times.
    Just remove it to be safe!
  • There is an option to block adult content. However, in my opinion, it should not be proposed if it's not really functionnal. Unfortunately, this is the case.
    If you try to access an “adult” web site, it should be blocked straight, not display a warning only. Moreover, even if you click the “Cancel” button, the web site is still loaded - and visible - for a few seconds.
  • I have enjoyed having it as a guide to know when to stay away from certain websites.