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  • dvdsv

  • There's no leaks, really does hide your public ip. Love it!!! how can you not

  • Useful privacy tool

  • good

  • Avast is Telling me to Move it so Anybody know why???

  • It does what it says! I've ran about 8 different WebRTC Leak Detection tests and no leaks ever detected. A+

  • Any comments on the AVG notification saying its poorly rated??

  • top

  • works

  • /

  • works fine. thanks.

  • AMAZING now, I can browse the web WITHOUT having my IP address visible to everyone!

  • its the Blast!!!!

  • Good applications

  • nice feature

  • Whitelist for domains? I need it on for Threema Web messenger!

  • i tired it is good

  • Fucking leaks

  • Nobody seems to explain why AVG says WebRTC Leak Shield is "poorly rated browser add-on" and asks me to remove it.

  • Great add-on, Keep It Up :)

  • well done, it does what it says, not too heavy

  • gygg

  • У меня не сработало. Если кому надо http://www.spy-soft.net/kak-otklyuchit-webrtc/

  • Very easy to install and use, it's a perfect companion for Hoxx VPN!

  • it did exactly what it said it would do. If privacy is your concern you need to have this.

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