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  • Garble
  • Pictures are not saved. Downloaded the text only.
  • Muy sensillo, es increible
  • I accidentally cancelled the monetize option... but this extension totally deserves to be monetized. How do I fix it?
  • {"success":false,"error":{"code":910,"type":"failed_generating_pdf","info":"Our system failed generating your PDF. Please try again or contact support."}}
  • Very good extension, does exactly what it says. no problem with certain pages not converting like adobe own convert sometimes does
  • güwöl
  • Only blank pages are being saved
  • doesn't work on google translate pages
  • Success! Error! ....
  • 1 minute (or less) after installation - it instantly works - outcome is just what I need - suprt
  • I link all'interno delle pagine di wikipedia perdono "it.wikipedia.org" e perdono anche l'https. Il link risulta nella forma "http:///wiki/ecc." che non significa nulla, anziché "https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/ecc." Meglio sistemare.
  • not appearing photos
  • It worked.
  • Tends to truncate page by cutting off right hand side of image. Text is lost.
  • This extensions contains malware, redirects your search queries to my-search.com and contains refers to xtube pornhub xhamster and redtube. This is not for PDF making.
  • I don't mind people trying to monitise the things they create, but adding a redirect seems like malware. Scans showed nothing and only after I checked the update date on my addons and tested disabling them did I find this one as the culprit. Also, Yaaho-based search; really?
  • As of 3/13/18 update, this add-on installs malware (wajam PUP)
  • Easy to setup to add "add-in's" Like very much the overall features and easy to use.
  • cant work
  • Nutzlos, speichert unvollständig. 6. Setzen!
  • Doesn't work for anything logged in. Has a sketchy privacy policy.
  • Creates enormous files with thousands of objects that are not needed (empty squares etc). You can see the objects if you rubber band around a few paragraphs for instance, instead of just the few paragraphs being selected, around a hundred objects are selected, all of which are superfluous. Wasting lots of space and it also makes it difficult to select the text because you always end up selecting some empty object close to the text ! Becomes annoying after a while.

    Unfortunately this makes it very memory hungry also as it's generating the PDF, or even as it's being viewed in a viewer.
  • Nice add-on but it does not give preview before converting web page to PDF. If this is possible, surely 5 stars.