Im not buying this!! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

So there you go, it slightly works, but there are some bugs to be levelled out..
Besides, that advert at the top is rather patronising, and the inability to remove it is even worse..

If I think software deserves a donation for quality, then I decide that, NOT YOU!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

thank you for the feedback

I've created several addons now, mostly in Chrome and I'm trying different things all the time, and I'm also trying to understand my users. Your wording does reveal some emotion (and don't worry you're not the first) but I'd like to understand the root cause. I completely understand if you don't want to enlighten me, but here my questions... Why was the link patronizing you? Did you feel forced to donate to use my addon? Have you every donated/contributed for anything online? How much and how frequent? Would you say you actively write reviews or comments for online material? What is your ratio of good and bad reviews? Do you have any alternative suggestion for me? I just realized that while writing this that ironically my main clientele probably despises ads and therefore they would obviously react badly to my link resembling an ad. Hmm I should have realized that much earlier :) I am genuinely just seeking honest feedback from you since you already took the time to write once. Your welcome to reply directly here or contact me at