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    [One ★ ] Private Bookmarks cannot import your old, unencrypted bookmarks into its system, a severe limitation.


    I contacted Private Bookmarks developer, rharel, about this issue, and he explained how to get your old, unencrypted bookmarks into Private Bookmarks. The Private Bookmarks import function (Manage Extension > Options > Import) will only import bookmarks that have been exported by Private Bookmarks, not backups you may have previously made before installing Private Bookmarks.

    Before following these steps, back up your current bookmarks, encrypting them if necessary.

    To move your current bookmarks to Private Bookmarks, follow these steps. (1) Make sure Firefox has your current bookmarks. Import them if necessary. (2) Install Private Bookmarks on your Firefox browser. Then unlock Private Bookmarks using your password. (3) Use Ctrl+Shift+b to open the Firefox bookmarks Library. (4) Click Bookmarks Menu. Your current bookmarks are shown. (5) Select all the bookmarks and folders shown. Use Ctrl+x to cut them. (6) Click Other Bookmarks. Find and open the Private Bookmarks folder. (7) Use Ctrl+v to paste your bookmarks into the Private Bookmarks folder.

    To ensure your bookmarks are not accessible to others, find the bookmarkbackups folder in your Firefox profile folder and delete all the backup files there. Firefox will create additional backup files over time, but they should not contain any bookmarks, only the file header. (According to Mozilla, Firefox normally creates a new bookmark backup file only when Firefox opens and only when it detects changes to your bookmarks, although other options are available.)

    Private Bookmarks is in alpha testing phase. Back up your bookmarks frequently.
    Do you manage to reproduce this problem consistently? If so, I'd appreciate a bug report over on the support site (https://github.com/rharel/webext-private-bookmarks/issues) alongside with a clear list of steps I could repeat on my end to reproduce the problem so I can investigate. Cheers!
  • I'm rating this 5/5 because it's awesome and mandatory these days.

    Q1. Is it possible to add an option to hide the toolbar icon (and any other UI reference to this extension) if "Disable Private Bookmarks outside of private browsing" is enabled?

    Q2. Or maybe it is possible to show the icon on the toolbar only in private window?

    Thank you.
    Unfortunately Firefox does not allow extensions to do this. What you could do is remove the button yourself through the right click -> customize menu and access the extension through keyboard shortcuts. By default this is Alt+Shift+8.
  • So far this plugin is great! THANKS YOU SIR. It behaves just as promised. Just some questions or ideas:
    - Is there a keyboard shortcut for creating private bookmarks?
    - When bookmarks unlocked in private Window they become visible in normal session (as long as private session is unlocked)
    - ...
    - By default it is Ctrl+Shift+8, as mentioned in the description. You can customize this through Firefox' add-ons menu -> gear icon -> manage extension shortcuts.
    - Yes that is true. While unlocked Private Bookmarks behave just like any other bookmark.
    - Feel free to ask any further questions on the issue tracker (https://github.com/rharel/webext-private-bookmarks/issues)
  • Great add-on!! But I got a quick question - I currently use Ctrl + Shift + Space to activate the unlock menu, but what about macOS? Thank you!
    I'm not sure I understand the question - maybe because I've never owned a Mac. It should be possible to customize your shortcuts through Firefox' add-ons menu -> gear icon -> manage extension shortcuts.
  • I've just installed this so not had a chance to use it yet. I'm trying to move the "Private Bookmarks" folder from Other Bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar but it doesn't let me. I can't click, hold and drag the folder there. Nor does right-clicking do anything. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Any advice?

    EDIT: Yes, thank you rharel, the cmd shift B method worked! Not sure why Firefox doesn't let me do it any other way
    Does dragging work for other folders? Either way sounds like a Firefox issue to me. P.S. you can always try moving it through the bookmarks window (Ctrl+Shift+B)
  • Worked great but forgot to lock it before closing Firefox. Lost a couple hundred bookmarks the first day. Live and learn
    Firefox periodically backups your bookmarks. See if you can restore them through Ctrl+Shift+B => Import and Backup => Restore
  • can't work in 69.0
  • Great add on. However, all of a sudden my password doesn't work so I can't access any of the bookmarks
    Apparently it's a rare bug that pops up under specific circumstances for some users. I have not yet been able to reproduce it on my end so unfortunately all I can advise is to export backups of your private bookmarks once in a while so you can restore them if you encounter this again. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Excellent add-on. Very useful and so far has worked very well. Thanks to the developer.
    Thank you!