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  • After some time my password stopped working. All my bookmarks are gone....
    That's unfortunate, but as it says in the description and during first unlock, the extension is not yet properly tested and may contain bugs, hence the frequent encouragement to make backups. If you have a way of reproducing the issue feel free to post a bug report at the extension's support page. Thanks!
  • Just what I need, works great and easy to use. Bravo!
  • this not right
  • Thanks for developing this extension!

    It would be really neat if you could do a crossover onto mobile (if the technology provided by Mozilla to develop this is nonexistent, perhaps we could sign petition or something of the sort to allow you to do so?)

    Keep up the excellent work :)
    Thanks for the kind words. I wish I could but as you've guessed Firefox on Mobile does not yet support the required tech for extensions to work with bookmarks. When it does, I will see what I can do about supporting it.