Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is one of the few PDF convertor add-on's that functions properly, but it sends your web page to a 3rd party for conversion. This exposes your information to security risks because you have no idea how long your data is held or what is done with it.

If you are saving web sites with order confirmation info, or other sensitive information (credit cards, SSN, etc.), then this information is now on the servers of an unknown 3rd party.

At worst it's a scraping operation (searching for credit cards, passwords and such) , and at best it's a poorly described and implemented add-on.

You do not understand how webpages work and please do not confuse others. The converter do not send any information, it convert static web pages and users data are not sent because it is not visible to 3rd party services due to HTTP/HTML specification.