The King of Search Tools Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is one dynamite search tool! While there are a number of useful search extensions for Firefox I think Web Search Pro is , without question, the best of the lot. The innovative Drag & Drop Zones is out of this world. When you start to drag whatever you have highlighted a transparent grid appears. This grid can have 16, 36, or 64 boxes. In these boxes you load search engines. When you drag the selected text and drop it into the box of the search engine you want the result of the search opens in a new tab. This is really cool! The best part however is that you can load groups of search engines into the boxes and when you drop something into a "group box" the results for all the search engines in that group open in separate tabs. IT'S AWESOME! The power of your searches goes up considerably. Web Search Pro is not only convenient but is a major time saver. On my Firefox I have group search boxes for search engines, directories, metasearch, Invisible Web S.E.s, images, maps, medical, sports, news, business, computer stores, hardware reviews, software reviews, shopping, and movie reviews. It's an understatement to say that when my friends saw Web Search Pro in action on my Firefox they were quite impressed. They went bonkers! If you don't have this extension you are really missing out on one of the finest FF add-ons.

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