Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Some features are great, others are not.

Absolutely great is the drop zone feature, in case you are a "drag & dropper". However, I prefer right-clicking and selecting "Search With". Also the possibility to assign shortcuts for direct search with a search engine for selected text. However, too often you need two hands for this. So again, I prefer right-clicking and selecting the search engine from the context menu.

Things that I don't like about WSP:

- It replaces the default search box instead of extending its functionality.
- No possibility to add a search key when adding a new engine. This is a feature that is absolutely a must for easy search access from the address bar, e.g. entering "g firefox" in order to search on Google for the term "firefox".
- Grouped, flat view doesn't allow to hide icons (I hate icons in drop-down menus when there is blank space left next to each following item, it looks awful)
- You cannot activate/deactivate a search engine
- You cannot select which search engines to use for the main context menu "Web Search Pro for find ... on". It shows the whole list, which is too much when you have a lot of search engines, but only some of them are used for search for selected text, e.g. lookup words in a dictionary.
- When text is selected, CTRL+K doesn't pop-up WSP as given when selected from tools menu. Instead, it starts a search right away.
- The custom search box size interferes with add-on "Fission", so that Fission isn't able to correctly display the loading progress to full length of the address bar
- The look & feel of the WSP search box is flat and doesn't match the look of the default search box. This looks odd.
- The text "Web Search Pro for find ... on" in the right-click menu is too long. It should just be "Search With".

Personally, I decided to use a combination of the following add-ons:

- Organize Search Engines
- Add to Search Bar
- SearchMenu

This way I have better options to adjust it to my needs. However, there's no drop zone feature. But this is something I don't need.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (